First MTC letter

mtc ethan casual district

Dear Parents

I am alive and well here at the MTC so you do not need to worry. They are keeping us busy and i have already learned so much about what missionary work is really about. Elder Jackman, my companion, is great and im having a lot of fun. Everyone here as a great spirit and excitement about missionary work and its great to see the work that is happening. ill send home a letter on my p-day next week, this is just to let you know im here. please send food. 
Love Elder Balling

One thought on “First MTC letter

  1. sballing says:

    Ethan entered the MTC on Weds. Sept. 4, 2013. We had many “Last Hurrah’s” as BJ calls them. A final trip to Bear Lake, a family photo shoot, his farewell talk and lunch, a private Bagpipe/Snare concert and BBQ, setting apart by our new stake president and a father’s blessing, and finally breakfast at Sills Cafe before one last stop at Missionary Mall for free ties. We bid goodbye to Ethan wilth hugs all around. I thought he would be more apprehensive than he was. We have faith that the Lord with guide and direct his paths as he embarks on this journey as a representative of our Savior.

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