MTC Week 2– Sept. 12, 2013

MTCprovo templemtc district ethanethan missionIMG_0791Dear Family,

Seven days down, only 723 left. The MTC is great. I’ve learned so much in the short amount of time that I’ve been gone. It doesn’t feel short, it seems like I’ve been here for at least 2 or 3 weeks because the days are so long. Things have settled down and I think I’ve got the hang of things now. But the first couple days were long and hard. On the first Thursday we had like 9 hours of personal study time, so it was hard to stay on task. Then on Friday, we taught our first “investigator”. (Which is just an actor but it feels real when you teach them). The lesson went well but it was humbling to see how little I knew and what missionary work is all about. We teach 2 investigators each day and then have 2 lessons everyday. So between everything there isn’t much time to prepare the lessons, so you really have to have faith in the Spirit to guide you what to say.

Sunday was a nice break from everything. Lots of meetings but a change of schedule. All the meetings were amazing though. One thing from Sunday is we had interviews with the branch president of our zone. President Meyers is great and he looks like the main guy from Jurassic Park. Well he interviewed me and Elder Jackman first and called us as the new Zone leaders. Neither of us were expecting it, but so far its been great. We don’t do much, the main thing is we visit each room and talk with all the Elders in our Zone. It’s great cause we get to know them all better and see how they’re doing. Our Zone is great, everyone gets along and we  all have grown closer together and learn a lot from each other. Every gym time we all play volleyball and it’s one of the best times of the day because we can just relax. Elder Jackman and I have already seen blessings from the calling. We are both pretty quiet guys, so this gets us out of our comfort zone and helps us learn to interact with more people. My companion is great. He’s from So. Salt Lake and he played Lacrosse. We get along really well and we build on each others remarks. I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s got a great spirit, he’ll be a great missionary.

After Sunday the days moved by faster. We teach our lessons and we learn different lessons each time. Wednesday the new missionaries arrived and we were in charge of welcoming the new Elders and Sisters into our zone and giving them some more info. We tried to be more friendly and help them fell more welcomed than our zone leaders did. It went well then after the meeting, we invited all the Elders to a zone get-together. So they could get to know the rest of the zone and help them feel more welcomed. It went well.

Today is Thursday and our 1st P-day. Sp that’s why I haven’t written home. I’m doing great and no I’m not starving, that was a joke. The food is great and they stuff you full each meal. It’s sweet cause I can have cold cereal for every meal and no one will get mad at me. Also, I am living on the west MTC campus instead of the main campus. The west campus used to be part of some of the BYU dorms. So we got lucky, there are better classrooms, food, and better rooms. We don’t have to share a bathroom with tons of people, just one other companionship in our district. We get along great, and its lots of fun, and we are all excited to get to Florida. We are all from Utah so we want to get together after we get home.

I’m fine here and don’t need much else. Maybe send a towel if it gets here before Tuesday. Tell Bethany and BJ happy birthday. And Spence better not ruin my clothes. I’ll try to write the Thank you’s either today or sometime but we don’t have too much time.. But that’s all I can think of to write. So much has happened so I know that I’m missing so much. I’ve been keeping a good journal also. Anyways ” take Luck”! I’ll see if I can call home when I’m at the Airport on Tuesday. We leave at 2:30 am on Tuesday. We’ve got a layover in Atlanta airport for a couple hours so we’ll see. We have 32 people in our travel group so it will be crazy. I’ll write next P-day. I’m not sure when it is. Love y’all,

Love, Elder Balling

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