Area 1, Week 1-Atmore, Alabama Sept. 23, 2013

Dear All

well i made it through the first week! its been busy but im enjoying every day. its really hot and humid, we ride bikes a lot so im drenched by the end of the day. my new companion is Elder Collett, hes a shy and quiet but hes a good missionary. we have 4 investigators and one is planned to be baptized this saturday and probably another very soon. im serving in the Atmore Alabama area. its a small town with lots of old southern folks. they sure do love to talk. sometimes its hard to even get a lesson in. the branch im serving in covers a large region but not many people come to church, some of them drive over 40 minutes to get to the chapel, so i can see why. there are a lot of less active members so that is where we spend a lot of our time, inviting them back to church or hopefully getting their non-member spouse to take the lessons. we stay busy and work hard. the people are great even though they can be a little hard-hearted sometimes. we are the only elders in our area so we have a lot of work to do. im excited for the next week and the adventures it will bring. id love to hear from y’all!
Elder Balling

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