Area 1-week 2 FIRST BAPTISM Atmore, Alabama Sept. 30, 2013

Dear Family,

im doing good here in Alabama. its been a long week but its been great. we meet a lot of people and we taught a lot of lessons too. we have about 6 investigators and 1 recent convert and a whole lot of less active that we need to get back to church. tuesday we met with a guy named jimmy, hes a retired Police officer and has some health problems. we didnt know this when we were teaching him. we were talking about the restoration when all the sudden he fell over like he was drunk or something. i guess he was locking his knees and he has strokes sometimes too. so that was interesting. later we had 4 other missionaries sleep over at our apartment because there was a Half Mission Conference on wednesday. their areas are far north so it would have been like a 3 hour drive to get to the conference. we had like an hour and a half drive still. Elder Pino of the Seventy came to talk to us as well as his wife, and President and sister Smith. it was a great conference and i learned a lot. almost my whole MTC district was there, because they had to split it in half so everyone could make it. then when we got back we had an appointment with Joshua Jay. we taught him about some of the commandments that he needs to be keeping to be baptized. his problem is coming to church. his family goes to a different church and his brother in law is the preacher there so it would disappoint them if he didnt go with them. but he knows a lot about the gospel and is ready to be baptized and really want to. we just need to get him to church first. hes a great guy, he’s 22 years old, he worked at disney world as a safari guide and is just awesome. he’d be a great missionary if he works hard to go. thursday we have our weekly planing where we go through our schedule for the next week and talk about all of our investigators. then we meet with some less actives that are in our ward who moved in like 2 years ago and their records didnt get moved so no one knew they were members. so we will work to get them home teachers and coming back to church. every thursday we have dinner at the Branch Presidents house. president morris lives like in the middle of nowhere so we drive for like 45 minutes to get there. Elder collet doesnt talk much so can you Please SEND MUSIC. cause its really awkward sometimes. ill ask a question and he’ll answer it quickly and thats all. but president morris is great. he is retired and has a son with polio or palsi or something. but his testimony is huge. he is also the Elders quorum president. on thursday we also tracted into a guy named Tony, he is like 43 and he said that religion has been “tuggin” on his soul. so we gave a short lesson about the restoration and introduced the Book of Mormon. he was interested and said he would read it. we were going to meet with him again on saturday but he wasnt there, he left a note to meet back next saturday, so we are hopeful. friday it seemed like no one we planed to see was home. i cant remember if i said it im my first letter, each friday we eat dinner with Adrianna and Richardo. they are long time investigators but no one has been able to teach them because the only speak Spanish. so we go and they feed us really good, spicy mexican food. we try to teach them as much as we can, they do speak a little english but not much. we read from the scriptures a lot though, cause they have the book of mormon in spanish. they are great, and richardo always tries to get us to eat hot peppers and stuff, hes a joker. saturday we met with the  Burrel family, Deangelo the father is really the only investigator because he wants to know if its true before he lets us teach his family. but hes interested and will try to read the book of mormon. we promised the blessing his family would receive from the gospel so he is really interested. hes a cool guy, he used to work fro the prison as a sniper. we stoped by som less active members and then we had Jerry Ard’s Baptism. everything went well. i was able to baptize him because elder Collett has known him longer so he did the conformation on sunday. not to many people from the branch were there though and president morris got kinda mad because of it. we stayed at the church because it was the relief society broadcast and there were no other priesthood holders there. i guess the sisters cant be at the church with out them. so we got to watch that. it got me excited for general conference. we had the confirmation on Sunday during sacrement and then after church the branch does a break the fast thing together. it was a good chance to meet some of the members. thats pretty much my week. its good to hear from yall and whats been going on at home. I love yall.

Love Y’all, 

Elder Balling

Everything is going great here in Atmore, Alabama. we are teaching a lot and have got a coulpe more investigators through the week. we also had a baptism on saturday, i was able to preform that and it was a great experience! all the people here are really nice and polite, but they are to set in their ways to listen to what we say. we had a mission conference this week where Elder Pino came to talk to us as well as the Mission President and his wife. it was a great conference and got me excited for the work. the baptism of Jerry ( our investigator) went well and its great to see him happy. thats pretty much it. its great to hear from everyone!


Elder Collett is from Billings, Montana. Hes 21 and has been out for a little over 3 months, he just got done being trained himself. hes been in atmore for the whole 3 months. no hes not the district leader, there are 6 in our distrit 4 elders and 2 sisters. i bought a bike from that missionary going home and it works great, i wouldnt of had a chance to buy a bike from a store since we are in the middle of no where. yes we have a car. between 20 to 40 come each week. but there are like 120 members in our area. i need some music. both the mission conference and the baptism went well




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