Week 3 Area 1-General conference week-Atmore, AL

Dear Family,

Its been a great week but also really long. no one seemed to be home at all this week so we didnt get to teach many people, just a lot of biking around town. luckily its a new month so we got more miles for the car. at the end of last month we barely made it without going over. the car has been nice also because its been raining. there was suposed to be a huge storm coming through but all thats happened is rain. tuesday was my first district meeting and it was really good. we talked about getting more members present in lessons and how we can get referrals by gaining their trust. we really need referrals and people to teach because nothing happens if you arent teaching. we also had a zone conference call where the zone leaders talk to everyone over the phone. it sounds like they are great missionaries. elder collett and i are going on blitz’ with them this tuesday so thats exciting, hopefully we can get enough planned appointments for each of us. i also was assigned to give the spiritual thought for this weeks district meeting on D&C 4:5. we were only able to see 1 of our investigators on tuesday and that was Jimmy. hes the retired PD and we think hes a drunk. he also has strokes, and we think it has affected his sight and also his memory. so we meet with him and almost teach him the exact same lesson, then we read to him from the book of mormon. we arent sure how much progress hes making because he dosent say much other than “yeah” and stuff. he wont pray either. every tuesday we eat dinner at the Albrittons house. Brother Albritton is the ward mission leader and the high priest leader and the family history specialist and probably 2 other callings as well. since its such a small branch everyone has at least 2 callings. anyways they are very nice people and we talk about what we can do to get the work moving. one thing that will help is next transfer we might be getting some sister missionaries down in Bay Minette. its about 30 minutes from Atmore so its not very effective for us to travel down there. wednesday wasnt much better than tuesday. we only met with one investigator, everyone else was not home. we were able to get brother albrittion to come with us to so that was good. we met with Joshua, and he actually brought one of his coworkers who was interested too. the lesson went well, but brother albritton did most the talking. southern people sure do like to talk. we set a batismal date for josh on november 9 so he’ll need to make it to all 3 sacrement meetings between now and then in order to make that date. we think he will because hes super excited to be baptized. thursday we didnt see anyone and had dinner at the morris’s. it was weird though, we got a call from california that morning from a member who lives there. her son was recently arrested and is in jail in Bay Minette. so we stopped by to see if we could visit with him, but we couldnt. friday no one we had planed to see was home, so we stopped by jimmy’s again and read to him. then we met with a less active member, Sister Edwards. shes older and takes care of her grandkids, so we want to meet with them all but they have busy schedules so its hard to find a time. then we had dinner at Adrianna and Richardo’s. its always really good mexican food. its hard to communicate still but we read with them from the book of mormon and try our best. i was really looking forward to general conference this weekend and we were hoping some of our investigators would be able to make it also. they didn’t. we went to the church to watch it, wich is just around the corner from our apartment. on saturday it was us and then some member that we didnt know from a different branch. but all the sessions were great! thats pretty much all we did saturday, then sunday after conference we did some more tracting. we had planned to see some investigators but they werent home. we think everyone left town because of this “storm” but it never came. hopefully this next week we’ll have more succes. sounds like everything is good at home. thanks BJ and Lexi for the “greeney” package. there was definately some useless stuff in there. but some choice ties as well. i dont think ill ever use that soap scrub thing… anyways have fun on your cruise! the music is great as well, but some is a little iffy on wether its approved or not. we are alowed to listen to music in the car and any time that we arent studying in the apartment. so thats during meals and when we are getting ready. i think thats everything. im doing fine and staying busy, and in shape because we ride bikes a lot. thanks for everything and for support. I Love yall!
Elder Balling

Dear All,
everything is going great. we are staying busy and working hard to find new
people to teach. nothing much happened this week, we didnt have much succes
with getting in to teach people but the ones we did went great. our
investigator, Joshua Jay, is comming along very well and is ready to be
baptized. he just needs to come to church… so we are working with him on
that. we hope to have the baptism on Nov. 9 and he’s excited to do it. we
had district meeting on tuesday, and it was my first one. it was great to
learn together and discuss how we can be better missionaries and how we can
work ‘smart’. we do that by working with the members, getting referrals
from them and bringing them with us to lessons. that is how missionary work
works best. and that was a big topic during general conference. they all
talked about how now is the time where members and missionaries need to
come together to bring others to the truth. im excited to really see that
happening. it will take some time in this branch but when it does it will
be great. we went to the church building to watch conference and we were
the only ones besides one other member. we were hoping to see some of our
investigators but oh well. thats all. thanks everyone for the support and
keep the Faith.
Love yall,
Elder Balling


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