Area 1 week 4-more investigators

Dear Family,

how’re yall doing? im doing well. this week was good and wasnt as slow as last week. monday for p-day we just did what ever. we went to the thrift store in town and i was able to find some very choice ties to add to the collection that BJ and Lexi sent. i am going to work on becoming a “fat poly king”. to be one in this mission you need like 50 very fat and all poly ties. so im getting close. but thats all from monday really. tuesday we had district meeting again and i was asked to talk about faith, hope and charity from D+C 4. i did amazing. then the zone leaders came home with us and we went on splits with them. i went with Elder Hadden and Elder collett went with Elder Butterfield. it was great to learn from their examples and to know how i can do better. we were able to find a couple new investigators because we had double the missionaries in the area. elder butterfield is from saudi arabia so thats cool. they ate like all of our food while they were here. wednesday we met with Joshua and taught him about some commandments. and we talked about sabbath day and church attendance. because we havent seen him at church ever. and he needs to come to every sacrement meeting if he can be baptised on the 9th. so we might need to push that back a week if he misses one. then latter that night we gave the lesson at mutual. we talked about our purpose as missionaries and also about being missionaries now. we wanted to get them excited to do missionary work now and also to prepare for a full time mission. it went really good. thursday was kinda slow, we taught 1 lesson. all of our appointments canceled so that sucked. but we had dinner at President Morris’s which was good. friday we spent trying to find new investigators but we didnt find any that wanted to listen. so we stoped by some less active members and talked to them about coming to church. we had dinner at Adriannas and Richardos, and it was really good, spicy mexican food as usual. Saturday we were able to teach some really good lessons and got 2 new investigators. now if we can get them to keep an apointment that will be good. we are pretty much out of books of mormon for the month. we have 5 left to hand out. so hopefully we can find more. sunday we got 1 more investigator and got a couple referrals for others. someone from the nursing home right by our apartment asked for a blessing so we went and did that with another member. thats all this week. im going to get a haircut today. luckily we have clippers in the apartment.

all of our investigators are doing well, but josh is really the only one progressing and keeping commitments. but the rest are great potentials. thats to bad about those missionaries. and i bet it was hard for Jake to hear that. we actually sat by him and his companion a couple times in the MTC. this letter is kinda short cause the library is closed and we have to use the churchs computers, they are old and slow. no i wasnt part of the clean up. we are to far north. we only had like an hour of rain from that storm and it was sunny the rest of the time. anyways thats all i think. the weather is still like 80-90 everyday but cooling off. thanks for everything and i love yall.


Elder Balling
Dear Friends and Family,

i hope yall have had a great week! cause i did. we were able to teach a lot more lessons through out the week and got more investigators. its still hard to get them to keep appointments but when we do teach them they understand and are interested to learn more. we are hoping to get a couple more baptisimal dates set for some of them and really work on getting them there. we also need to get them to church cause thats important. tuesday was my first trade-off with the zone leaders and it was great to learn from their experience and examples. im looking forward to getting the conference ensign so that i can study the talks and teach from them. because its hard to remember everything that was said. we are hoping that the talks on missionary work from conference and some lessons we’ve givin in chuch will motivate the members to be more willing to work with us. because without them its really hard for us to find investigators.
its crazy that ive already been gone for over a month and only have 2 weeks left of my first transfer. the days seem long but time is flying by.
Love yall,
Elder Balling


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