Area 1-Week 5 Atmore, AL-more investigators!

Dear Family

This week has been great, and things are progressing here in Atmore. we got a couple more investigators this week (but we count new investigators as someone we taught a lesson to and then set a return appointment). no one ever keeps their return appointments though. so our pool of investigators is mostly just people we’ve seen like once. we have a couple that we see pretty often but Josh is probably the most promising. he’s been having a hard time this week though. he got called into work on both his days off so we weren’t able to see him this week. then his aunt died this sunday so he was with his family all day. so that was a little disappointing, because he is really progressing well. we will have to reschedule his baptism for a latter date. we also got a couple of referrals this week from people and also one from church headquarters. a couple of them have turned into investigators so that was nice. 
Monday we didnt have much time to do anything because its getting dark before 7 now so we try not to knock doors unless we have a set appointment. we did see Brother Sizemore though. hes the guy who is staying in the nursing home across the street from our apartment. hes a member of the Monroeville branch and he use to be a Branch President up there. hes suffering from parkinsons so we try to see him every day and read to him or share a spiritual thought. tuesday we went up to the Monroeville chapel for district meeting. there was a mission-wide conference call where president smith talked about doing more with family history, probably to get ready for the Ipads that everyone will be getting soon. then our district talked about the prayer and what role it plays in missionary work and that miracles can happen when we really use it. when we have faith and pray specifically for our investigators then we will see things happening, maybe not always how we expect though. we taught a couple lessons on tuesday, then we had dinner at a less-active couples home. Sister Lambert is a member but Billy Lambert isnt. they are an old retired couple, and they are really funny. billy is a little stubborn though but he is warming up to us a little. Wednes day was a little crazy, we had planned to go down to Bay Minnette to teach josh and then visit a bunch of people down there. but josh got called in to work and so it wasnt worth it to drive all the way down there cause we are limited on miles. so we kinda scrambled to find stuff to do here in Atmore. we did end up finding a new investigator that seems good, and teaching jimmy again. then we went to mutual to follow up on our lesson from last week to see if anyone had had any missionary experiences from the week, a couple of them had and we just encouraged them to keep up the good work. they were doing archery for mutual so it was a bummer that we couldnt shoot them, but you know the rules. thursday we went to Chris and Julies house again, (they were one of our referrals that we visited earlier and we set an appointment for thursday). they were sick so we didnt get to teach them. a lot of people are getting sick lately. we finially got to sit down with the Dixions though, they are a less active older couple with a lot of health problems. but we talked a little about the Book of Mormon and how we need to always be reading and praying about it. they said they will come to church when their health improves a little. it probably will when they quite smoking again. then we had dinner at the Morris’s. they gave us a ton of left overs too. Friday we met with Brother Sizemore again (we try to everyday) then we met with Sister Edwards and her grandsons. they are good kids but they arent very interested. they all have ADHD too i think. but its way fun to talk with them. then we had dinner with Adrianna and Richardo. and it was really good mexican as alwasy. we read from Mosiah 3 and 4 and talked about the atonement and Jesus Christs ministry. Saturday we had planned to go to Bay Minnette again to teach Josh but he got called in again. so we scrambled again to find stuff to do cause we planned the whole day down there. we did teach 2 of our investigators though. it was funny, on our way to Chester Hadley’s we ran into 2 guy that had to have been high on something. one thought he was Jesus and started preaching to us. it was hard to not laugh. anyways we taught chester about the Plan of salvation and where we go after this life. his granny didn’t really agree with us though. Sunday was the busiest day. it was Stake Conference, all the way down in Mobile. so we arranged to get a ride with a member. its funny, no one here seems to care about not buying anything on sunday. the member stoped at a gas station and made us get something, he thought we were denying his blessing. but the conference was great, President Smith was there and all the talks were great. so its been a good week.
 thats pretty much it, it sounds like everything is going good at home. but why is spence installing new speakers and stereo in the truck, i already did that. and it sounds like BJ and Lexi had a great time. and dad i have plenty of time to read and write the letters, we have 2 hours. and i cant really send home the thing i did in district meeting cause i didnt write anything down for it. but thanks for everything you guys do. I love yall! take care.
Elder Balling

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