Area 1-Week6 Atmore, AL – I’ve never questioned that the Book of Mormon is true, but now i know that it is the Word of God.

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Dear All,

its been another week here in Atmore. and ive got another 6 weeks at least here. its the end of my first transfer out in the field and its gone by real quick. we’ve done a lot of work here but it hasnt shown much results from it. yet. i was kinda hoping to get transfered somewhere but it wasnt very likely. ive only been here for a little and it seems like weve covered the whole city of Atmore. we dont get down to Bay Minnette much because of limited miles in the car, so we were hoping to get some missionaries asigsned there this transfer but we werent lucky enough, so hopefuly next transfer. and the Branch is so small and spread out that its hard to get members out to the lessons. but with conference and everything the members are starting to get more excited to help, so hopefully this coming transfer we will be able to work with them more. the area is coming along its just going to take a lot of time and effort before we start seeing a big difference. and hopefully good missionaries keep coming because atmore has had a lot of disobedient missionaries in the past. 
I have also finish the Book of mormon this week. I started the day i got to the MTC and set the goal to finish it before my first transfer. and i did. but i was spending my whole hour of personal study reading it sometimes. but it was great, i learned a lot more about it and understand more from it. ive  read it through myself only once before and that was because i had to before i could turn in my papers. i also had all the distractions of work and stuff that time. but this time i was really able to ‘study’ it and have really learned to appreciate whats in it. and hopefully now i can teach from it better. Ive never questioned that the book is true, but now i know that it is the Word of God.
Anyways, this week went by fast. Monday was great, i found some great ties at the thrift shop and my collection is growing nicely. we stopped by to see brother Sizemore in the nursing home, and we  taught 2 lessons that evening. both of them went really well and we got 2 new investigators out of them. we are seeing one of them, a lady named ‘Genie’?, later today. and we gave out 2 Books of Mormon. Tuesday was District Meeting and we talked about both our potential as missionaries and how we can reach that, as well as seeing the potential of those that we are teaching. how we need to see them as God sees them. after district meeting we had trade offs with the District leader. i went up to Monroeville with Elder Parsons for the day while Elder Garn went to Atmore with Elder Collett. it was fun to get to see another area, but it was hard to teach someone who i had never met.   so that was great. Wednesday morning we did some service at the old Monroeville town hall museum. its pretty cool cause Monroeville is the setting for the book, To Kill A Mocking Bird. that was fun, then we traded back and i came back to Atmore. we stoped by to see brother Sizemore again but he was gone and we dont know where he went. we also taught Josh finially. we talked about some of the Commandments, like tithing and fast offerings and went through the 13 articles of faith. he is really ready to be baptized, he just needs a couple more lessons and to come to church. for mutual the branch had a bonfire and hayride at the Jones’ house. we werent able to get any investigators to come though. after that the rest of the week was really slow. we werent able to see many people, we spent most the day Thursday just riding around to different peoples houses and trying to find people to teach. We didnt find any. Friday we did get 1 new investigator and saw a couple people but most of them werent interested. on the way back to the apartment my bike tire popped so that sucked. we had dinner at Adrianna and Richardos again, and as always it was delicious. we got Richardo to promise to come to church Sunday (he didnt come), and read we read from the Book of Mormon. Saturday was busy though. we taught Jimmy again, we arent seeing much progress though. and saw a couple of our investigators and set up apointments. it was also William Station day in Atmore. so we went there and walked around talking to people for a while. and helped people take their stuff down after it was over. this one guy gave us some home made pens that are really nice. then we had to go down to the walmart in Bay Minnette so i could buy some new tires and a bike pump and that was expencive. and nothing really happend Yesterday. so yeah a pretty good week. hope yall have a great week! stay stong and keep the Faith! 
Love yall,
Elder Balling

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