Area 1 Week 7 Atmore, Alabama– Staying busy

Dear Family,

Its been a good week. we havent had much success this week but we scheduled each day so that we would stay busy and always have somewhere to be. so it went by pretty fast. its already the second week on my second transfer. and I’ve already been out for 2 months exactly today. time has really flown by and im 1/12 of the way through my mission. I’ve learned so much already and learn more each day. last Wednesday i started the book of mormon over as well as the Bible, starting in the Old Testament. so ill be reading both of those until i finish as well as reading through and studying Preach My Gospel. i really want to get to work and understand everything about what im teaching. there is just so much to study and to learn that i dont think i could get through half of it all by the end of my mission.

our investigators are doing okay. our only real investigator is Josh. he knows its true and does everything we ask him. except for come to church. he was sick this sunday, so we are going to have to move his Baptism date back a couple weeks so he can attend church three times. hes the only one that is really progressing and keeping commitments, besides Adrianna and Richardo. they are super faithful, and believe in all of it, we just cant teach them because we dont speak spanish. they were taught everything by some spanish elders that were here a while ago, but they aren’t married so they cant get baptized. i think they cant get married because of immigration things. but they keep all the commandments and even pay tithing. everyone else we’ve really only taught like once or twice because they dont keep appointments. we were talking and if they cant keep a commitment on an appointment then how are they going to keep other commitments like the word of wisdom. but we have a decent amount of investigators to teach. but we always try to find more.

this week, when you look at the numbers, wasnt too successful. but we did a lot each day. monday after p-day ended we went to Genie’s house for the appointment we set, she cancelled when we got there, but we talked to her outside for a little. then we stopped by like 6 other peoples houses. none of them answered. but we got a lot of biking in. i think my legs have gotten bigger and stronger, but my butt will probably be bruised my whole mission. then we had dinner. Tuesday we had District meeting then we had a district activity for the end of the transfer. we played kickball. the sisters that were serving in Monroeville both got moved and replaced with elders this transfer. so this transfer our district will be 6 elders, 4 in monroeville and elder collett and i in atmore. the zone leaders are also in our district but they move around to all the districts to do trade offs and things. its hard for them to come because they serve all the way down in Mobile. anyways after that we went back to atmore (our district meets up in goodway, thats where monroevilles church is) we went to our appointments. were didnt get to teach any lessons at them but we saw them all and just talked. they said they were busy so we set up return appointments. we continue to see brother sizemore in the nursing home each day. he has really progressed and is doing a lot better. and he seems a lot happier. then we tried some more people then had dinner at the Albrittons house. we talked about Helaman 5:12 with them and how we can build our foundation on christ and keep it strong. Wednesday we taught Jimmy about faith. we havent seen much progress with him even though he says hes reading and praying. so we might drop him after we finish with the lessons in PMG. we know that he has word of wisdom problems because he chews tabacco during most the lessons. after him we saw some other investigators but werent able to teach them cause they were busy, or not home. when they say their busy we try to just keep talking to them at the door and maybe teach them something during that. it usually works cause people love to talk. we saw brother sizemore and then we were planing on going down to bay minnette to teach josh but he got called into work, so we scheduled a time for saturday. the youth had a Halloween party for mutual, and that was good. thursday was slow and nothing really happend, we saw some people and set up appointments with them. and friday like no one seemed to be home. but on our way out of the nursing home after seeing brother sizemore some random lady gave us an Auburn gift basket cause she doesnt like them. most people are Alabama State fans so we didnt know what to do with it. Jerry is like the only Auburn fan we know so we stoped by and gave it to him. luckily he was awake, and we were able to see him. we havent really seen him since his baptism, with general and stake conference and all, and then hes sick all the time. that was good. We werent able to have dinner and teach Adrianna and Richardo cause they were going shopping. saturday we didnt teach anyone but josh, we taught him the Law of Chastity and he accepted to live it without any problems. he already knew everything we taught. hes basically already a mormon, he just isn’t a member. hes a really cool guy and would make a great member as well as a missionary! maybe if he sets his mind to it, in a year he could go on his own mission. sunday was the same, not much happened other than we got an extra hour of sleep. it suck though cause its getting dark at like 5:30 now. and we cant really ride bikes after dark cause the roads are dangerous, so we are really going to have to work on getting set apointments latter in the evenings. we met with Brother Mack then went to dinner at the Coon’s. theyre a big family and it was really fun. so thats about it for this week.

it sounds like everything is going well at home! but what is spence doing? he didnt go to the temple, or on the camping trip, or do anything on halloween. when is Malcolms Baptism? and who will baptise him? im think im good here and dont need anything. thanks for everything yall do, and for your prayers. be safe and keep the faith. I love yall.

Elder Balling


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