Area 1 Week 8 – Atmore Alabama

Dear Family,

 its been a great week. we stayed busy everyday and were able to teach a couple lessons to our investigators as well as find a couple new ones. we still have trouble with getting set appointments but when we finally sit down and teach them the lessons go well. we have about 6 or 7 real solid investigators, its just finding a time where we can teach them more and help them progress towards baptism and staying strong in the gospel. josh is still the only one that we are seeing real progress. he still just needs to come to church, but hes committed to come next week and each week after that. we moved his Baptism date to the 14th of December so he can get 3 Sundays in. so we are praying that he will make it. weve taught him all the lessons and hes ready. 
My studies are going good and im learning a lot. even though the old testament is so confusing. Elder collett and i are teaching better together and have a more unity with us as we do. im learning to love the people here, i havent meet one person that i dont like. and its getting easier to talk to people we see on the street.
This week went by super fast. Monday we had p-day, after we got all our shopping, laundry, cleaning and letters done we usually just go to the church and play piano or watch mormon messages. theres not really anything to do in Atmore so yeah. we have a Frisbee but Elder Collett is clumsy. at 6 we rode bikes around in the dark trying to catch some of our investigators home. they werent. Tuesday after district meeting we saw brother sizemore and then went to the north part of town to find some new investigators. we didnt. we taught Sister Edwards and her grandsons about the Plan of Salvation and why an atonement had to be made. i dont think they understand much or are just not interested. but sister Edwards really wants them to take it serious. then we had dinner at the albrittons and talked to them about Lehi vision about the tree of life and the meaning of it. Wednesday we taught Jimmy about repentance and the process that we go though. we saw Bro Sizemore for the last time and read to him from the Book of Mormon. he was moved to  a nursing home up in Monroeville to be closer to his family. then we drove down to Bay Minette and taught Josh. we taught him the word of Wisdom and committed him to live it. he didnt have any problems with it except for tea, but everyone here drinks tea. he said it souldnt be hard to stop and he’s living all the other commandments. Thursday was weekly planning then we had Interviews with president Smith. he came up to Atmore and the other 4 elders in our district came down from Monroeville. it was my first interview with President Smith and so that was good. the interviews went a little long so that took up our whole day. we had dinner at the Morris’s and talked about receiving personal revelation through the spirit. i don’t want to write anymore but Friday Saturday and Sunday were all good. got a couple investigators those days.
sounds like everything is going good at home. i got the Package on monday and enjoyed that. thanks for all the love and support. all i need is a camera case that i can put around my belt so that i can take more pictures. also if you could send a genealogy chart that i could carry around and show to people. like a small chart. ill find out ive im being transfered on december 9th so ill let you know if i am leaving. but i probably wont. thats everything. by the way dad, i never said that Josh moved from Boston, hes never lived in boston. thanks for everything, i love yall.
Elder Balling



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