Area 1 Week 9 Atmore, Alabama-More investigators

Dear Family,

I hope yall are doing well and it sounds like things have been going great back home. it also sounds like it has been very busy. its been pretty busy week for us also. and this week is already set to be a busy one too. we taught a good amount of lessons this week and 5 of those were new investigators. we were also able to get out and see a couple of the less active members in the branch this week that we havent seen in a while, a couple of them i had never meet. Josh is still our only investigator with a baptismal date, which is still the 14 of December. we dont want to change that date cause his birthday is the 13th so he feels like it would be fitting. but we may have to change it, he didn’t make it to church this sunday again. its not because of him, he has a real desire to come, but its his family. his parents have threatened to kick him out of the house if he comes to our church instead of theirs. its a little harsh but its cause his family pretty much runs the church they go to. so he has 3 sundays left and has to make it to each one to make that date, but we have faith the lord will provide a way. prayers to soften their hearts wouldn’t hurt. so we didn’t have any investigators at church this week. i think that one thing that would help in this area would be having a member present at more of our lessons. so that they have someone that can sit by them or maybe pick them up and bring them to church. but with everyone being so spread out and also not having real set appointments its hard.
my studies are going great! im just about through exodus in the bible and just finished 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. i have never read the actual story of moses in the bible so its fun to learn it. i always just knew the story from The Prince of Egypt. i have also learned more about the tribes of Israel and the abrahamic covenant and everything. its pretty interesting when its actually stories and not just generation after generation after generation. its also fun to be reading at the beginning of the book of mormon again too. Isaiah still confuses me though. im almost done with training also, ive only got 3 weeks left.
this week was great. we taught a couple lessons and saw a lot of people each day. we also did a lot of biking. Monday after pday at 6 we rode our bikes to a couple investigators that are close by. we were able to teach one kid named Tory, hes about 20 i think. he stopped us on our bikes a couple weeks ago and asked us about the church. we were finally able to meet him again and teach him the restoration. then we stopped by the Mack’s house and visited with them and taught them about how we can receive personal revelation through the spirit. then we turned in for the night. we cant really do much after dark. no one wants to open their doors. tuesday after district meeting we tried a couple other investigators in town, then had an appointment with a guy named Sylvester Folks. im not sure if i have talked about him before but hes a new investigator who seems pretty interested. hes got the right attitude about finding the truth instead of being stubborn and committed to their church like most people down here are. we taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and he committed to read it and Pray about it. we will see him again this tuesday. then we said hi to sister Edwards and then had dinner at the Albrittons. we read the first vision with them and talked about Joseph Smith. Wednesday we taught Jimmy for probably the last time. we have taught him all the lessons and everything, but we havent seen any progression. mostly cause hes had strokes so has a bad memory. but we will continue to stop by and check on him every week or 2. we finially got Jerry’s Baptism record back and signed but hes got us concerned. he wants to start going back to his old church cause thats where all his friends are. thats why its important to have members present so they can make friends. hes not really letting us in anymore to teach him so we’ll try to get a member to go and see him. then we saw Chester and his Granny, we just talked about what each of us believe. but i think chester is pretty interested. then we drove down to bay minette to teach josh. he mentioned to us last week that he wanted to learn more about the holy ghost so we taught him all about that. he comes from a Presbyterian church so they believe in all the speaking in tongues stuff so we cleared all that up. he is accepting everything and doing well with the word of wisdom. again he is ready to be baptized as long as he can get to church. then we came back to atmore to the church to teach the lesson at mutual. we taught them about being spiritually self relient and how we can strengthen our testimonies through studying the scriptures and prayer. but for some reason some of the adults thought we were teaching about being temporally self relient to be prepared for the second coming? thursday we drove to a bunch of less active members and visited them then had dinner at the morris’s. we taught them about 2 Nephi 9:39 or Spiritually Minded is Life Eternal (smile). Friday was mostly tracting in a sense. earlier we had gone through all the potential investigators from the area book and chose some that we would try. then we would try 2 or 3 houses on the same street that they were on. because even though the name we picked might not be interested, we are in that area at that time for a reason. it worked well and found 2 new investigators that way. then we taught the Edwards about scripture study and had dinner at Adrianna and Richardo’s. saturday we did a lot of tracting again and got 2 more new investigators. i have really been able to see how the lord is leading us to those that he has prepared to hear the Gospel. Sunday we had church then we had a couple of appointments, but they all cancelled except for Anthony. hes a great guy, and super friendly and hes looking for the truth. he just needs to read the Book of Mormon like we asked him to to find it. then it started to rain really hard so we went home. and thats my week.
My favorite Scripture is 2 Nephi 31: 20-21. dad im not sure if id be allowed to use the pageant dvd, or even watch it myself but send it and ill ask president smith. i hope yall have a great week and ill look forward to hearing from yall soon. (see how im starting to sound southern). stay safe and keep the faith. i love yall!
Elder Balling



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