Area 1-Week 10 Atmore, Alabama I’m thankful for the gospel and for Jesus Christ and his Atonement for us

Dear Family,

its been cold this week, we’ve had to wear long sleeve shirts and sweaters for the first time this week. the temperature doesnt really get that low but with the humidity and breeze it gets pretty chilly. and i think that Elder Collett is getting sick, he hasnt been feeling well the last couple days. he may finally have caught the sickness thats been going around. the last couple weeks pretty much everyone has been sick. i wont get it though. but other than that its been a really great week, but there has also been some big disappointments as well.
i cant think of what else to write so ill just tell you what i did this week. monday was pday. after writing emails we always go to the thift store to find ties. im pretty sure ive bought all the ties in Atmore cause they dont have any left. then we went shopping and did all the other pday stuffs. after that, we taught a man named Reginald and just kinda answered some questions about our beliefs. he is a minister at his church so hes not really interested but he invited us to come back anytime. we will, and maybe we’ll change his mind. tuesday after district meeting we had trade-offs with the District leader. I went up to Monroeville again, and this time i was with Elder Garn. Elder Parsons the district leader came down to Atmore with Elder Collett. I always enjoy going to Monroeville. its an awesome town, but its even more rural than Atmore. while we were there we biked to Exel, a city near monroeville, to teach some of their investigators. its about a half hour bike ride. we taught 2 people, i cant remember their names though, and the lessons went well. it was fun to have someone new to teach with and learn how to teach together. then we biked back and stoped by the nursing home in monroeville where Brother sizemore is staying now. it was good to see him again, and he is doing a lot better. wednesday we did service at the museum in monroeville again so that was fun. then we drove to another city near monroeville to teach more of their investigators, but none of them were home. then we traded back with the other elders. then we headed back to atmore and went to mutual. while i was in monroeville, they went and taught Josh. they really just encouraged him to stay strong and gave him advice to deal with his family. we have offered to sit down with his family but they wouldnt like that so its best that we just teach him. they also found out that he actually lives about a mile out of our area so we arent allowed to teach him anymore so we have to give him to the Daphne Elders. it should be good though cause its a bigger ward down there with more members his age. so that was a little disappointing. but it will be good. nothing else to spectacular happened this week. we worked hard each day and taught a lot of people. we did see josh one last time on saturday just to say goodbye and answer any questions and make sure he knew about the church down in daphne. he wasnt able to get down there though on sunday because of his family not letting him, but he stood his ground and didnt go to their church either. hopefully they soften up on him and hopefully they will let us attend his baptism. the rest of the week was good and in total, we taught 16 lessons to investigators, which is the most we have taught since ive been out. church was good too, although sunday school was a little interesting. the lesson was on african americans not having the priesthood in early church history. and you can imagine that in the south thats a pretty heated topic. its been a good week, we are staying busy, and im learning a lot from my studies and through teaching.
we are both getting a little frustrated with the members in the branch here. its mostly because everyone is old and spread out, but we have not had any members come out with us to lessons with our investigators this transfer. and no one has gone to visit jerry since he was baptized. but we do our best to get them out but end up doing the work ourselves. which is fine, but when we leave its up to the members to get them to church. i am planning on being here for a while though. im betting that elder Collett will be transfered in 2 weeks and ill stay and either train a new missionary or show my new companion around Atmore. because at the end of this transfer elder collett will have been in atmore for 6 months. and ill have been here 3 months. and its gone by so fast, only 21 more months left till im home. anyways thats about it this week. i dont like writing letters anyways.
thanks for the package and the letters. those were great. my favorite thanksgiving tradition is as spence said, theres nothing better than a good food baby. but i am thankful for so much. mostly as ive been on my mission and learned more about it ive become so thankful for the gospel and for Jesus Christ and his Atonement for us. sounds like everything is good at home. spence will never beat my swimming times so im not even worried. i might need a sweater and a jacket because its getting a little nippy. also along with the camera case, an electric razor would be nice , cause im  getting tired of shaving everyday. and ties, i can never have to many ties. but really im fine and doing well and have everything i need. have a great thanksgiving and may the force be with you. I love yall
Elder Balling


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