Taken from Tallahassee mission blog

This was one Elders response to a newspaper article written in the paper about the work the missionaries are doing regarding family history:


About the experience, Elder Rhea wrote this; FAMILY HISTORY WORK IN HOSFORD (By Elder Rhea) (1)And it came to pass that we did have a reporter at our class on November 7th, 2013, and he did ask a few questions concerning our class, and the work of which we were doing. (2)And behold, I did speak to him for the space of twenty minutes and did expound on all the website, and also on the class and picture. (3)But behold, he did not harken to all of my words (mistakes underlined) and did make four mistakes, which are –edler (instead of Elder), extra 0 on 4,500, and did not say the “Hosford ward Young Women”. Also the two older ladies refused to have a picture taken, but he still did it. (4)And thus say I unto you, this is your copy, to post on thy blog, and to keep in thine scrapbook. (5)And we did meet in ward council, and a member, Glenn Moore, did tell unto us of his experience – “I was talking to a non-member who has attended this class, she told me it was awesome, and sung praises on our Elders. Then she invited ME to the class, and said I’d be blessed for going”. (6)And behold, all who came, yea, members or not, made progress on their lines. And behold, we have never had more members than non-members present., they do always outweigh the scales! (7)Behold I say unto you, I know that this push on Family History is of God, and I know that he has commanded you by the power of his spirit, to advance the work in this the Florida Tallahassee Mission. (8)I know this is the true Gospel of Christ, and behold, I have his priesthood! And by Faith in Christ, nothing doubting, I can work mighty miracles in his name. (9)And, now, I would speak a few words of gratitude. Behold, thou hast been kind, loving, and supportive, and I appreciate all you do. Also, I would that ye should know, that I will do all that the Lord commandeth, through you, his servant. And I will do so gladly. (10)Behold, we love thee, and pray daily for thee, and we go daily and teach in plainness and great power, may thee and thy wife be blessed during this holiday season, even so, Amen.


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