Area 1 Week 11 Atmore, Alabama -Putting on the Armour of God

Dear Family,

well its been a slow week as far as teaching goes, but the week flew by. there were a lot of great things that happened this week and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Monday we just did regular pday stuffs like shopping and laundry and everything. i ended up using almost all my money from the mission in november and went the week with like 99 cents left. at 6 we went to the Mack’s and were able to sit down and talk to both of them so that was good. we arent exactly sure why they dont come to church cause they have strong testimonies, but we think its that sister mack has been offended by someone in the branch and so neither of them come. tuesday was great! we had zone training down in Mobile for most the day. the zone leaders talked to us about what we can do to help the work progress in our areas and a whole bunch of stuff. they also showed us how we can give effective church tours to investigators to help them feel the spirit. the mobile stake president, President Jergens, also spoke to us about how we can get members to get more involved in missionary work. it was a great conference and i learned a lot. it went a little long so it was like 5:00 by the time we got home, so there wasnt a whole lot we could do especially since a new rule for the mission is that we can no longer ride bikes after dark. so we pretty much walked around town for an hour and then had dinner at the albrittons. wednesday was slow and we couldnt really do much because Elder Collett was sick, we tried to do as much as he could but with the cold weather and everything it was best for him to just rest and get better so we could go out on thursday. so we spent most of the day at the apartment. i was able to read a lot of the talks that i wanted to as well as get a lot of good study time in. thursday for thanksgiving we went to president morris’s house. they had a lot more family than we were expecting but it is the south, and everyone is related somehow. so we ate there and spent a lot of time talking to everyone and trying to figure out how they were all related to each other. they gave us a ton of leftovers so that fed us for a while. then we came back to atmore and visited a couple more people and taught some lessons. then since we went to morris’s around noon we had to push our weekly planning to the evening so we came home and did that and had dinner. Friday was slow, no one seemed to be home and elder collett was still a little sick so we took it slow. we did see the Dixions and encouraged them with quiting smoking and read from the book of mormon. they are doing really good with it and are only smoking like a third of what they were. we also saw chester hadley and his granny, and taught them a lesson. but thats it, again no one was home or something, and no one was outside cause it was still pretty cold. Saturday was a little better but still pretty slow. saturday night we prepared the gospel doctrine lesson for church cause the teacher was sick. it was on putting on the whole armor of god. soo.. we made the armor of god out of what ever cardboard we could find. Sunday we didnt have any investigators come to church as usual, but it was still a great sunday. the lesson went great, we had one of the youth come up as a volunteer, cause their teacher was sick also, and put on the ‘armor of god’. they enjoyed it and it was fun to teach it. then after church the branch did their break the fast lunch together. then we went and saw sister amon, and talked to her about church and stuff. then we knock some doors and tried some of our investigators but none were home. and thats pretty much my week. everything is going great and im enjoying the work. its great to be out on my mission and have all this time that i can devote to the lord and to helping others receive the gospel. and i am so gratefull for that! i hope yall had a great thanksgiving and i love yall!
Elder Balling

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