Area 1-Week 12 Atmore, Alabama– Getting a New Companion

Dear Family,

its been a great week, and i had a great time. i am really enjoying missionary work and look forward to the coming transfer. it was a busy week and we saw a lot of people and taught some great lessons. we also picked up a couple of new investigators that are promising. i dont feel like going through each day this week though, cause that takes to much time. what i hath written doth sufficeth me, and the spirit doth stopeth mine writing. 
this week 2 things that stand out this week are the christmas devo yesterday, and we visited a less active member from california in the county jail in Bay Minette. both were great and fun experiences.
i have now finished 2 transfers and i am done with being trained. i am also staying in Atmore for at least another transfer. Elder Collett is being moved though, he’s going to Perdido, Florida. I have a new Companion, Elder Payne. hes probably been out about as long as me cause it says ill be the senior companion. it should be fun to have a new companion and stuff. i just hope hes not a wierdo.
Thats about it this week for me. sounds like yall had a fun week with all the family parties and stuff. thats funny that bj jumped up on the ottoman and everything. and its good to hear that Dallin is doing good. spence must be swimming the fly wrong if he hurt his shoulder. i cant believe that you sold my toolbench! yeah ive heard from jake a little and sounds like its been rough, plus the weather would not be fun. the weather is bad here too, i have to deal with like 70 degree weather everyday. just kidding its super nice. thats all, stay safe in all that snow.
I Love yall,
Elder Balling

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