Area 1-Week 13 Atmore, Alabama–New Companion Elder Payne


Dear Family,

its been another great week here in good old Atmore. nothing much has changed though, other than Elder Collett is gone and Elder Payne has come. some great memories from this week though, and im excited for this transfer. i feel like this area has a lot of potential, it’ll just take a lot of work. and i think that we can really help it get to that potential. both elder Payne and i are very new, this will be my 3rd transfer and Elder Payne just started his 2nd. its crazy i just finished being trained myself and i will be finishing train him. so we both dont really know what we are doing, but we are excited to get out and work. itll take a lot of help from the members though, thats one thing that this area has had trouble with in the past, along with disobedient missionaries. so we have still got a lot of cleaning up to do.
Elder Payne is from a small city corinne utah, just outside of Brigham city. he has a twin serving in washington right now also. hes 19 and loves hunting and fishing and cool stuff. we get along well and havent had any problems in the 5 days we have been living together. so thats good. his first area was on Florida state university so Atmore is quite a bit different than what he’s use to so itll take some getting use to. he is only use to teaching college kids that will learn about anything, but here almost everyone is old and has been going to the same church for 40 years and is planning on dying that way. it should be fun to work with him and see some good success.
this week has been pretty slow for lessons, but we have been busy. monday and tuesday elder collett and i just went around seeing the people that he wanted to see before he left. tuesday was also our district activity, where we all played basketball together. wednesday was transfers so that took up a lot of the day but we did get out and see a couple people. thursday was slow also because of planning but we did teach a few lessons. we also gave a blessing to a members nephew who had knee surgery a few weeks ago and is having a hard time getting back on his feet. Friday we spend most of our time tracting and we picked up a couple more investigators, but we were also dropped by some as well. then saturday we went down to Mobile and helped out with the Stake Nativity activity. we were part of the live nativity scene so we got to dress up as wise men and stand there for a couple hours. that was fun. sunday, Elder Payne gave a talk in Sacrement and pretty much told everyone that they need to pick up their missionary efforts in the Branch. it was good and we hope we can get more help from them, cause since ive been here we have had little to no help from members. we had 8 high council men from the stake at church as well, and afterwards all the men from the branch, including us, split up with one of them and went out to visit some of the less active members in the branch. it was good and we got a lot people contacted. thats about it for the week.
It sounds like everything at home is going great, but that yall have been very busy. i havent got the package yet mom, but im sure itll be here soon. Thanks! im not sure how the phone calls will work so ill let you know for sure next monday. i didnt pay alot of my tithing so yes that would be fine mom, just do what ever with it. thanks for all the support and i wish yall a safe week. I love yall and ill hear from you in a week.
Elder BallingImage

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