Hello Family,

It has been a really great week, and i enjoyed every second of it! With Christmas and everything it was fun, even if all we did on christmas was track for like 5 hours. I’ll guess i will always remember it as the Christmas on my mission that i walked around knocking doors. it really just seemed like any other regular day in the misson. i did enjoy Skypeing the family though. for christmas dinner, Elder Payne and I bought a big ham that we cooked. we had ham, potatoes, vegetables, ham fried rice, green jello, and pie. we were surprised that 2 teenage guys cooked so well. it was really good, and we have tons of left over ham. so i probably wont have to buy any food for this next week. this week we also had a decent number of lessons, and all went well. no real progress from our investigators, and not many new ones either, but we are working and praying for this area to progress. its just a slow (very slow) area ive determined. but i love it and the people here! everyone is super nice, even when they have no interest at all in what we believe, they will sit and talk to us on their porch for a good half hour. i have run out of ideas for this area, and none of them seemed to work. im just doing what ever i can and hoping for the best. im having fun, and learning a ton and im not the type to get discouraged, im just frustrated cause i cant figure out why the area hasnt changed in so long. anyways, nothing much else happened this week besides it rained super hard all day Saturday so we drove a couple places but we were soaked just going from our car to the porch a couple times, so we spent most the day in the apartment either studying, going through our area book or cleaning. we also went to the church and cleaned the church. we were also asked to give the sunday school lesson on saturday, so we prepared that for sunday. it was on zion, so that was good. last monday Elder Payne found a trench coat at the thrift shop in Atmore so we both wore or trench coats out one night when it was a little chilly. but thats about it this week, some of the people we taught were Reginald, Joe and Genie, Dwayne, Rick, Brother Dixion, The Edwards’, Brother Garrett, Anthony, Chester, Melissa, Adrianna and Richardo, and Brother Mack. some are members but most are investigators. it was another great week in Atmore.
it was good to see yall on christmas, and it looks like yall had a great christmas! spencer looks like hes fixin to go crazy with what he was wearing. it just tickled me to death. ill probably just need like 1 or two more sweaters just so im not wearing the same one each day. dad im pretty sure that yours wont fit me. it might work best for me to buy them myself, but its up to you whether you send them or send money. sounds like yall had a fun vacation to bear lake, and ill always be better than spence at everything, even skiing. did dad fall on his but on the ice again this year? i hope BJ and Lexi had fun in Washington with her family, i enjoyed seeing them on the computer. i dont care if yall go to nauvoo, just as long as it isnt when im back. well i hope yall have a great week and ill talk to you next week. I love yall!
Elder Balling

Area 1-Week 15- Atmore, Alabama- Tickled to death, Christmas dinner and trenchcoats


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