Area 1-Week 17 Atmore, Alabama

Dear Family!

another week in good ol’ Atmore. Its been a quick week and i had a lot of fun. a lot has happened as well. Tuesday we had trade-offs with the district leader, Elder Parsons. I went up to Monroeville and he came to Atmore. i got to serve with Elder Browne. he’s super funny and a great missionary. this is his first transfer out so hes pretty new. it was really fun, and we had a couple of really good lessons with their investigators. all the people we taught were part of the McCullin Clan. just a big black family where everyone lives on the same street. really nice people and they all have a lot of faith. we also did service at the Monroeville court house museum again. its a sweet place and the people that work there are super cool. thursday during weekly planning we got a hold of the Spanish Elders in Foley and arranged for them to come to Adrianna’s and Richardos this week for dinner, and hopefully every week after that so that they can understand the lessons. i didnt even know we could do that, but i guess the spanish elders cover the whole stake. we also got a call from the Daphne Elders who have been teaching Josh. i guess they havent been able to teach him much since we passed him off. he has just been so busy with work that he hasnt had time to drive down to daphne, cause hes in Bay minette everyday. so we got permission from the AP’s to work together with him and his schedule to help him get baptized. so we met with him on Saturday and i really enjoyed seeing him again and the opportunity to teach him again. we taught him the restoration again to review and he still believes it and has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. and he has really been reading a lot, he is in Ether now so thats pretty amazing. we set a BCD with him for February 22 so that he’ll have time to get to church once his work dies down a little. He hasnt made it to church yet, but he was given a Church tour in Daphne so thats good. he said that he felt the spirit very strongly during it, and still has a strong desire to be Baptized. on Friday we pretty much did Service the whole morning. we were biking through Atmore and stopped to help a couple guys rake their yard. and it took like 3 hours, there were a ton of leaves. but it was great to help speed their job along because latter that day it started to down poor, and it did until saturday afternoon. we were able to talk to them a little about the church while we raked and gave them each books of mormon. and they said we could stop by and talke more about it latter. we had dinner with adrianna and richardo, probably for the last time if things work out with the spanish elders. we were finally able to see Jerry Ard this week for a little. he had been in the hospital down in Mobile for the last couple weeks so we were glad that he is back home. he had broken his let pretty badly and they had to put a rod it and stitch him up. but he wanted to take the sacrement so we brought that to him with Brother Coon on Sunday. but thats about it for this week. we did a lot of driving to Less-active members this week cause its been raining a lot. we didnt get many lessons with investigators but oh well. theres always next week. Elder Payne and i are doing great and getting along fine. no complaints. thats about it for this week.
my studies are going well too, im starting 3 nephi and starting Joshua in the Bible. im moving slower in the old testament just cause its boring. so i usually read more from the Book of Mormon each day. ive also been studying from the Gospel Principles manual and preach my gospel. plus the new Joseph Fielding Smith manual and reading Our Heritage during meals. so i have a lot that im studing from each day, and moving through them slowly but learning a lot.
i Hope yall had a great week and have a better one this week! i think and pray about yall and hope that yall stay safe. stay strong and keep the Faith. i love yall!
Elder Balling

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