Area 1 -Week 18 -Atmore, Alabama Focus on Studies and staying in Atmore

Dear Family,

as always its been a good week, and nothing to complain about. besides that we didn’t get anyone baptized. but other than that im happy. its starting to warm up a little bit here, its usually around 50 or 60 degrees. but im still disappointed that there’s no snow. as far as whats happened, not much. a couple good lessons with investigators. but we have been seeing more less active members lately. we had dinner with the kings on Tuesday after our zone training. we went down to Mobile for that, it was really good and learned a lot. so that was pretty much our whole day. Wednesday we taught Josh the Plan of Salvation and that went great. he is still ready for baptism if he would but go to Church. Thursday we didn’t teach anyone but we had the Jones’ for dinner. Friday we had another trade off with Elder Parsons, this time i was in Atmore with him and Elder Payne went up to Monroe. it was good and we had a couple good lessons. we also saw a lot of our investigators who we haven’t seen in a while and dropped like 5 of them cause they finally told us they weren’t interested. Saturday was the same, we had a lesson with Anthony Richardson then everyone else we saw wasn’t interested, so we dropped them. Sunday was great, President Jergins, the stake president came and spoke as well as his counselor and a high council man. they gave great talks as well as had some meetings that the branch needed. after church, no one was home or they were busy. so that’s basically the week. so this next week we are really going to focus on the few investigators we have left and then do our best to find new ones. 
Its also the last week of the transfer and the start of a new one. and pleased to say that i am Staying in Atmore (at least for one more transfer). i wasnt expecting to leave anyways, theres still a lot of work to do here. Elder Payne is also staying. i think it will also give me a chance to really focus in on my studies to prepare myself for the rest of my mission. im going to try to finish the old testament and start the New Testament, while i continue in the book of mormon. im only a 3rd way through the OT so ive got a long way to go. 
thats about all ive got and i make an end to my writing. i hope yall have a great week and stay safe! sounds like things are going great at home, and i bet malcolm will win the pine wood derby with that cool of a car. and happy Martin Luther King day, or as they know it in the South… Happy General Lee day (: yes mom i got both sweaters and they fit great, and look good. Thank you! i Love yall, and may the Lord be with you!
Elder Balling

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