Area 1-Week 19-Atmore Alabama- It snowed!?


Hello Fam,

everything has been great here in Alabama. nothing much has changed so this will probably be a short letter. our investigators are the same, we taught 2 lessons this week to investigators and one of those was a new investigator who has since dropped us. so yeah, no one is ever home or they are just ignoring us, i dont know. since we have been slow on investigators, we have been focusing more on less-actives and members. we saw 10 of the less active families this week and invited them to church. some of them did come on sunday which was good to see. we had like 40 people at church! so it was pretty amazing to see. especially since the branch was also pushing everyone to get out and visit the less-actives. so it was good to see such immediate results. we are also working with brother Albritton on getting like 5 names (or referrals) from all the members so that we can start getting more solid investigators. hopefully that works out.
this week has been strange, one day it will be below freezing and the next it will be in the 60s. but there was one day that if was snowing… to be honest i was not expecting that in the south. theres also supposed to be some real cool weather this week as well. this week we had our district activity where we went bowling. i did pretty good so that was fun. but thats really all that was exciting this week. we did see a Bentley though. although each day is fun and all have their highlights. im still loving Atmore and especially the people here, they are great! im kinda frustrated that nothings happening.. but not really. 
but these are mine thought for the week. just another week here in good ol’ Atmore. hope everthing is going great there at home and that yall are being good. to answer Malcolms questions, yes its snowed here. no I dont exercise everyday, i just lay on the ground for a half hour. yes we ride our bikes a lot, especially since we are out of miles for this month. ive teached a few people but not a lot. love yall and have a great week!
Alma 60:36
Elder Balling



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