Area 1-week 21 Atmore Alabama-“Triumph usually comes from putting a little more ‘umph’ into your ‘try’.” -President Monson

zone conference

Dear Fam,


It’s been a fun week. And the weather has been real nice lately, like in the 60s each day. But if it does drop down below freezing again this week ill be mad. Time is flying by and this week went by too fast. It’s already February! I’ve been gone fro just over 5 months already, and it seems like not too long ago I was at home sitting on my butt playing video games. I love it though and I wouldn’t trade the time I have to serve the lord for anything else! I’m enjoying my studies as well and am learning so much from the scriptures each day! I finished the Book of Mormon again for the 2nd time on my mission this week, and then started it again. Each time I read it I have learned so much, and different things each time. I’m almost half way through the Old Testament as well.. That’s a slow moving chore but its fun. As for the scriptures that I wanted, I would like a book of Mormon (with d&c and Pearl of great price) with a separated bible to teach with. And ill mark them all up with the scriptures we teach with. So I’m not carrying my personal set around, cause I have been marking those with the scriptures that I like. Just a cheap set that I can carry around in my bag, not the leather ones. I may be able to get them from the mission but I don’t know. Thanks.


We have been busier than 3 bees in a tar bucket this week. We were able to teach more of our investigators this week and we also picked up 2 new ones. We taught brother Chester Hadley a couple times this week but they weren’t good sit down lessons. He was sitting on his porch and he had a couple of his cousins there too. So it was more of a what we believe and how it relates to what they believe. He did read from the book of Mormon a little bit this weeks, and hopefully we can get some more structured lessons in with him. We taught Reginald McCants this week and covered the restoration with him. He understands the order and how it happened, and he doesn’t doubt that Joseph Smith say Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. But I don’t think he really has a desire to know for himself, and he wont know until he reads from the book of Mormon for him self. We met with Sister Edwards and her grandkids almost everyday this week, just to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with them and spend like 15-20 minutes with them. And they are starting to enjoy it more and understand what we are reading. We have also been trying to get sister Edwards back interested in her Family history and want to get her to the center this Wednesday to work with brother Albritton on it. We also met with Tracy Hall and taught him more about the restoration, but it’s hard to teach him because he talks so much. He gave us like 10 pounds of deer meat when we left so we’ve got a ton of food. We taught Juan Dowell, who is a new investigator, and covered the Restoration with him. And I think he really got it, but it sounds like he will have a couple of concerns we will need to clear up. We met with Brother Jerry Ard and taught him about the restoration to review that with him. He’s still laid up in bed from breaking his leg so we took him the Sacrament on Sunday as well as Brother Sizemore. We had dinner with Adrianna and Richardo and urged them to get married, but it doesn’t look like they have any plans to any time soon. So we are a little frustrated, and will probably back away from teaching them and maybe see them every couple of weeks. But not completely drop them. Saturday we ran into a bunch of guys playing football so we stopped and played a quick game with them… we won. And they were all black too. We also taught a new investigator named Preston Phillips, he’s a friend of Bro Albrittons and we have been stopping by a couple times before. We taught him and read the introduction of the Book of Mormon with him. Yesterday was a good day. I gave a talk in Sacrament about hastening the work of Salvation and it went good. We’ve all been hearing it over and over but I don’t think a lot of us understand the significance of it. On Tuesday we had a zone training where the talked about having unity in the mission as well as our companionships, how we can set more solid appointments, and they really stressed the using Family History in our teaching and finding efforts. Which makes me think that we are fixin to get ipads soon, especially since we have a 6-hour zone Conference tomorrow. But I wont get my hopes up. And that’s about all this week.


Sounds like yall had a good but slow week. Tell Spence that he will make more if he just works at surf n swim alone. Cause he won’t be spending money on gas, and time driving. Plus it pays more. And that’s where swim practice is, and its more relaxed work environment. That’s why I left SDRC. tell Matthew congratulations. i think thatd be fun to have yall come out here but dont have a preference. and tell spence to not screw up in band. thats about it this week. i love yall and be safe. have a great week!


“Triumph usually comes from putting a little more ‘umph’ into your ‘try’.” -President Monson



Elder Balling


Moroni 8:3

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