Area 1 Week 23-Atmore, Alabama-Frustration but staying positive

ethan and sign

Dear Family,

Just another week in Atmore. nothing too exciting this week, but it went by real quick. our teaching pool continues to dwindle as our investigators drop us or get dropped due to no interest or commitment on their part. and we are having trouble finding new investigators we are knocking a lot of doors and talking to everyone we can. but we can always knock more doors and talk to more people. we are also focusing a lot more on Bay Minette, but we have nowhere to really start so we do a lot of tracting, and talking to people, as well as visiting the less actives in that area. one thing that would really make things move would be some referrals from members but no one seems to know anyone. with this drop in the number of investigators we have we have been focusing on more less active members to get them back to church. Elder Payne and i both feel like in order for this area to progress, this branch needs to get its members back to church and helping with the missionary work. the members are starting to come back, but the branch doesn’t have the vision of missionary work that it needs. there just doesn’t seem to be any direction, they are almost stagnant. i think one reason we dont have solid investigators is our lack of member present lessons. we can do better on that by planing them better, but even when we get someone to come out with us the investigator falls through on the appointment. so no one wants to come out with us anymore. and its frustrating. so we are working with less actives to get them active then we will take those less actives to lessons with investigators and strengthen both in one lesson. the good thing though is that its starting to improve. and this isn’t all on the members, us as missionaries can definitely improve in our efforts in finding, teaching and hopefully baptizing. and we can certainly improve in how we work with the branch to do that work. and as we improve in our work, and the branch improves, we are starting to get a greater sense of unity and that direction. its just taken a while and has a ways to go. but it will eventually get there.
but with all that said, i am loving missionary work! i love the people, and i love talking to people about the gospel, and our Savior. i love the members and all they do. they are really great examples of living the gospel (they just have a couple things to work on like we all do). I’m loving my studies and continue to learn a good lot. and i love the scriptures and the knowledge they contain and the words of the prophets. and i love Elder Payne and glad hes my companion because he keeps me going. and i love the exercise we get as we bike around town all day.
we had fun this week. Monday we found a black suit shop that was going out of business and i got a couple ties and some shoes for 10$. and we are going back today, everything is at least 1/2 off. i have picked up way too much stuff here in Atmore so i hope i don’t leave cause i don’t want to pack it all up. we saw Dwayne and taught him a little for like 10 minutes, He was busy. and we met with the Edwards and read with them. Tuesday we had district meeting and had trade offs after. Elder Browne and I served in Atmore for the day. we saw 2 of our investigators and they both dropped us, and we saw 2 less active members and they both committed to come to church. Wednesday after we traded back we went down to Bay Minette to do some service for an older couple we meet the week before. we had the Jones boys come with us to help. we helped rake their leaves in their yard, its a huge yard. and they were happy to have us come back sometime so we hope we can teach them. then we had mutual and we taught the lesson. we had all the youth split up and do a bunch of role plays as missionaries. they all really liked it. Thursday we spent the day in Bay Minette as well and tried to find more investigators and got a couple of potentials. and that’s about it for this week. the rest of the week we saw less active members. it was fun, we stopped on Saturday and played a game of basketball with a couple of black kids about our age. i realized how much i really do suck at basketball. then Sunday we had church, and elder Payne gave a good talk in sacrament. and there were a couple less actives that  haven’t come in a while. then we took the sacrament to Jerry who is still laid up with his broken leg. that’s about it this week.
transfers are in a week and i have no idea how it will turn out. but if i had to choose, id say I’m leavingatmore. and id be sad to leave because of all the great times Ive had. but you never know!
sounds like yall had a great week and its good to hear the funeral went well. and i hope everyone is handling it well. my love goes out to yall and the family. but whats up with Spencer and his glasses and wearing all my pipe band stuff. btw dad i think i already have your little yellow notebook, BJ sent it to me a while ago. and i doubt that ill be district leader. we will definitely focus in on our investigators and see who is ready to receive the gospel. thats all. I love yall
Elder Balling

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