Area 1 – Week 24- Transferred to Pensacola Florida!


Dear Family!

Its been a really good week here in Atmore! and i had a lot of fun and we also had a lot of really great lessons with both investigators and Members. i am sad to say, but it was also my last week in  good old Atmore Alabama. checked the Transfer sheet this morning and i will be serving in Pensacola Florida next transfer. my new companion will be Elder Smith. im excited to be serving in Florida, and its also close to the water (not sure how well that will work to not go swimming). Pensacola is a fairly large city so that’ll be fun. Elder Payne is getting a fresh out of the MTC missionary to train, and he will do a great job. i have really enjoyed serving with him and it has definitely strengthened me. ill miss the times that we’ve had, just as ill miss all the members and people that ive met here. but im moving onto bigger and better things. not really cause Atmore is pretty great. thats all ive got to say about that.
this week was exciting! we taught a lot of less actives and since we had a bunch of extra miles for the last two days of the month we drove out to some of the people that we dont hardly get to see. we also taught more investigators and were able to pick up 5 new investigators as well. we taught Brother Tracy Hall more about the restoration and mainly focused on the Book of Mormon. he is starting to accept the idea of it being more scripture now but still wants to focus more on the Bible in his studies for now. we saw the Edwards’ a couple times this week and read from the book of mormon with the boys. they are starting to enjoy it more. we met with the Alversons, the Spencers and the Bodikers, and talked about them increasing their scripture study. thursday we spent the day in Bay Minette again, and got a new investigator Rayvon. he seems solid and has a strong faith in Christ. and we had Dinner at the Jones’ again. President and Sister Morris are still feeling under the weather. but Presidents treatments are going well and arent taking too much out of him. We sat down with Dwayne this week and read with him a couple chapters and reviewed the Restoration with him since its been so long that we’ve had a real lesson. it went great and he is starting to get a lot more interested. we saw the Macks as well and talked about the sunday school lesson that we had yesterday because he wasnt going to make it. its great to meet with them and good to see that sister Mack is now starting to sit in with us and actually participate. we saw brother Sizemore a couple of times as well and took him the Sacrement. and we picked up 3 new investigators saturday morning as we were biking in the black part of town. Church was interesting yesterday. none of the branch Presidency were able to make it so brother Lester the Elders quorum president conducted the meeting. there werent too many people there either. and in the lessons everyone kept getting off topic and it turned into some pretty heated conversations. but what can you expect in the South. but as brother Albritton says,”if you’re fat it wont keep you out of the Temple”.
sounds like yall have had a pretty great week. thats good that spence sold the truck, but part of that 500 is mine. did he sell the stereo and sub as well? but yes have him buy one that i could drive, but he can choose whatever he wants. i dont have a preference. but 4wd would be swell. 
but thats about all for now. i would like some stories from our ancestors that i would be able to share with people to get them interested in Family History. so if you could send a bunch if you have them it would be much appreciated. and i will also be sending some stuff home because i just have too much stuff. do yall need that coat you sent me or can i like give it to the thrift store?
thats all, yall be safe and keep the faith. i love yall and may the Lord be with you!
Elder Balling 
ps. its been exactly 6 months since this day and in the other picture see if you can spot the aligator.

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