Area 2 week 25-Pensacola, Florida-new companion Elder Smith

Dear Family,
i dont have much time because the library is packed and since i dont have any mail yet i cant get a library card so ive only been allowed 30 minutes. so just a quick update. i got to Pensacola on thursday and its been great so far, the members are great and i reall enjoy the area. there are a ton more people here than Atmore so it should be great! my new companion is Elder Smith, hes from New Mexico and has been serving in Pensacola for his whole mission, like 9 months. my new address is
4311 Bayou Blvd U-212
Pensacola, Florida 32503
thats about all the time that i have, but ill have more for yall next week. but to answer dads questions…
     1.  So how’s Pensacola? good
     2.  Is it warmer there than it was Atmore? not really
     3.  Have you been to the beach? no
     4.  How is your new companion? good
     5.  Did you fit everything in your suitcases? yes except the stuff i sent home
     6.  Are you in a ward, and are you the only missionaries in that ward? no, theres a set of sister missionaries
     7.  Do you have anyone you are teaching that is really close to baptism? no
     8.   Do you live with members or do you have your own place? own place
     9.   Is your place as nice as the one in Atmore or is it a mess? its nicer
    10.  Did you find out if you are the senior companion? no
    11.  Are you a district leader or are you just a good old hard working missionary focused on
           sharing the gospel? district chump
    12.  What is the address of your new place so we can send packages there? look up
    13.  Have you seen any alligators yet? I could never see the one in the picture you sent last week.    look again
    14.  Did you send your bike or did you travel with the bike? i dont know what your asking
    15.  Do you have a good bike lock? If so do you always use it? yes
    16.  How do you like your new missionary companion? good
    17.  Where is he from? new mexico
    18.  How long has he been out? 9 months, this is his 7th transfer and my 5th
    19.  Are you still studying in the Old Testament? Where are you at? yes, finishing 2nd chronicles
    20.  Now that you have been out almost 6 months, how do you feel about the mission? i dont know
thats it, tell spence that he should buy a car. something cool. monther the shipping was like over 30 dollars so not enough. thanks. dont have time. love yall, bye.
Elder Balling

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