Area 2 week 26- Pensacola, FL- Much to love

Dear Family,

its been a great week here in the new area. and we have been super busy most of the time. and i am really liking Pensacola! there are a lot more people here and way more to do. but it is definitely different than what i have been use to for the last 6 months. luckily Elder Smith has been in this ward for over 9 months so hes knows everything pretty well. but it wont be too much longer before he’s gone. i am still adjusting but so far its been good. we live almost right in the middle of our area so that makes it easy. and its either the smallest area in the mission or close to it. ive been studying the area map to get familiar with the roads and directions. since we share the area with the sister missionaries and there’s only one car we switch off every 2 days, so half the time we are either on bikes or finding rides from members. and the members have been really good about giving rides so far.

as for the missionary work that we have been able to do, there is definitely some room for improvement. they had dropped a lot of their investigators before i got here so there were 2 that we were teaching and both aren’t really investigating to much. gladly we are up to about 5 now. so we are building our teaching pool slowly. as a result we have been seeing a lot of less active members. and there are even more here than in atmore. but the good thing is that they get about 100 people at church each week instead of like 25. we are also working through the list of potential investigators from previous missionaries to find more investigators. im enjoying all that we are doing and the weather has been decent. although it rained all this weekend and we didn’t have the car, so that slowed us down a lot but we stayed busy. we have also had a lot more lessons with members present at them than im use to. and they went really well. i think we only got a couple in Atmore and they weren’t very good. but the members here really work well with missionary work.

that’s about all, Elder Smith and i get along well and we have some fun times. hes a big guy and played a lot of sports in high school. and luckily there haven’t been too many awkward moments. im well and im safe. its good to hear from yall and i hope yall have a blessed week! yes dad you should send the tie. and thank you for sending the package and i will definitely look through all that material. and what kind of car is spence looking to buy that would warrant him selling his PlayStation? i probably wont be able to send pictures through email because this library’s computers dont have sd card readers. i would really enjoy yall picking me up but im not sure thered be much to see in the mission besides the beaches, but a cruise would be most enjoyable. i love yall!

Elder Balling

ps please send money


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