Area 2 week 27, Pensalcola, FL

Dear Family,

Its been a great week, and we have been super busy! and i have been dead tired all week too. but its been fun and exciting. we have been focusing more on investigators this week as well as less actives, and we reached or passed most of our goals this week. we also had a trade off with the perdido Elders after District meeting so that was fun. then saturday was the big ward social. and all in between we never had much of a break.
Monday after Pday we went and did service with Bishop Reed. we helped him trim up his palm trees for the summer and cleaned up some of the yard. we had dinner with him and Sister Reed. they have a really big dog named Amos who is really cool. Tuesday, district meeting went well and we all learned a lot. we also did a lot of role playing… i hate role plays. then we had our trade off. Elder Collett and I were serving in Perdido while Elder Smith and Elder McEwan were here in Pensacola. it was super fun to be working with Elder Collett again, just like old times back in Atmore (except we actually had people to teach). we saw an investigator, David, who had recently moved from north Dakota and had meet with missionaries there. so we talked with him to get to know him, and then talked about how the atonement can help us over come challenges. because he is really trying to quite drinking. he also went to the Addiction recovery class that they have here, and he really enjoyed it. after him we met with their recent convert, Mitch, who was baptized about a week ago. he is actually from Bountiful Utah and is here at the Naval Base for Training i believe. we talked about missionary work with him, because he is 18 and could serve a mission whenever he got done with his 3 years of service or whatever. then we had dinner with a member family and talked about how we can receive personal revelation from god for our own personal concerns. wednesday we saw David again before we traded back. after lunch and all that Elder Smith and I went to do some service for Brother Kimball who is old and needed his pool cleaned. so we did. we also gave a blessing to a guy who had been his by a car while walking, he was in bad shape and his brain wasnt functioning. we got a call from his aunt or something from utah and went on over. he has a wife and 5 kids so it was pretty sad. thursday we were busy seeing a lot of less active members and investigators as well as friday. Saturday morning the stake had a basketball tournament at the church and then latter that evening the ward had a dinner to raise money for the young men/young women to go to their camps. that day we also found the Huey Family from the potential investigators, and we taught them all the Restoration and will be returning this Saturday again. Sunday was really good as well. but thats all that i have time for. my studies are going great and i am really starting to finally understand a lot of the Gospel and really see how true it really is.
i love yall and have a great week!
Elder Balling

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