Area 2 Week 28-Pensalcola, FL

Dear Family,

not much news from Pensacola Florida, things are great and moving along. the weather has been awesome and we have been able to talk to a lot more people who are outside. i am really tired right now, we just got done playing floorball for like 3 hours so im beat. so this will probably not be very long.

last Monday we went down to the Naval Air Station in Perdido, and saw a bunch of stuff down there. we went to the Naval Air Museum for a while then to the Light house, then to the Beach. all of them were fun. The Naval Air Station is the home of the Blue Angel, a group of navy pilots that do air shows around the country. tuesday we had district meeting, which was really good. Elder Smith asked me to talk to the district about a Christlike attribute, so i talked about three. i used Alma 32:41-43 and talked about Faith, Patience and Diligence and how it helps in missionary work. after district meeting, we had a tradeoff with the Zone leaders. Elder Smith (my companion) went to Navarre and Elder Smith ( Elder Smiths last companion) came to Pensacola. it was a good trade off and i had fun. i learned a lot about Family History from him while we were on the exchange. Wednesday we took one of the priests out with us to some lessons to get him excited to serve a mission and he really wants to now. thursday we taught a couple lessons to investigators, we also taught a class at the Pensacola genealogy library on friday it rained all day and we didn’t have the car so we didn’t get much done. Saturday was good, we got 4 new investigators but also some dropped us. the Huey Family wasn’t home when we went buy and we couldn’t get a hold of them. but we will still keep trying. Sunday was good, and it was a good fast and testimony meeting. we taught the third hour class with everyone combined. and we taught about family history. so im about family historied out… not really i love talking about it. that’s about it this week.

sounds like its been a good week at home. and im sorry to hear about Cindy but its good that everyone took it well. if yall want to send your letters or if you want me to send them, either way works. but if i you want me to send them then ill need some stamps. and ill see if i can get some pictures sent. i dont want to send the SD card and it be erased. sounds like Spence found a pretty good car. is he just using my sub-woofer or did he get a different one? and father i doubt your tablet thing has more power than my PC. i dont know when but we are supposed to get ipads in the mission, oh well. sounds like spencer Neel is going to be right near me, to bad he wont get a taste of the Back woods southern red neck. have a great week and i love yall!

Elder Balling


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