Area 2 week 29-Pensacola, FL General Conference week

Dear Family,

hope yall have had a great week and enjoyed General Conference! i know that i really enjoyed it and its been a good but slow week here, as for the numbers. we have been busy all week but not many lessons. most the return appointments that we had with investigators fell through or were rescheduled. also it rained a couple days this week and that held us back. but ive had fun and we got a lot done. Monday after Pday we had plans to go see some people but none of them were home and since we didnt have the car that day and we cant bike after dark there wasnt much we could do. District meeting on Tuesday was good, and afterwards i had my 2nd interview with President Smith. it went well and it was great to have 1 on 1 time with him. we latter saw Brother Mahaffey, and talked about the word of wisdom. he went on to tell us how he is a wine conisueir, and also a bunch of crazy stories from his service in the Navy. we had dinner with the Bishop and he came out with us to see Brother Stanfill and Brother McGovern. Wednesday was good, in the morning we went out with Brother Freeman doing a bunch of contacting potential investigators. not much success but we did find a new investigator for the Sisters. Brother Freeman took us to McGuires Irish Pub for lunch, which is a really cool place. they have really good food, and their gimic is that anyone who eats there can sign a dollar and put it on the wall or ceiling. so they have like 1.5 million dollars hanging from the ceiling and walls. then we did more contacting on our own, we talked to a lot of people but not much interest. Wednesday and Thursday we taught an hour class on at the Geneology library. they both went well but the people there are all nuts. friday we were on bikes all day and it was raining off and on, but we did get some good lessons in. we saw brother smith and the Robertsons and talked to them all about General Conference. and we taught Sister Morado who is an investigator. we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as how she can gain strenght to quit smoking, and gave her a blessing for that. Saturday and Sunday were Conference so we were at the church pretty much the whole day. we biked to the church saturday and it was nice when we left but we got caught in a down poor in our suits on the way. so we were wet almost the whole day cause its impossible to dry off here. we had a lunch at the church for anyone who came and played some volleyball in the gym as well. and thats about it saturday. conference was amazing and i got a lot out of it. i couldnt tell you my favorite talk cause i liked them all. Sunday we did get one investigator to church. he is an investigators that the Sisters gave to us so we just barely met him and taught him a little there. he didnt pay much attention to conference, cause he was too busy talking to the sisters. hes from Jamaica and pretty scatter-brained so we will see what we can do with him. we also saw sister Wilgus that evening, and things are as crazy as ever at her house. and thats my week, lots of fun and excitement and conference to top it off. im getting to know the people in the area pretty well, but im still lost with directions and roads, mostly because i dont drive. but it will get there, and i should probably learn it fast since i think Elder Smith is leaving this Transfer. thats only a week from thursday too! this transfer is just flying by. plus President asked me if id be willing to train a new missionary so we will see…
sounds like things are going great at home and busy as well. good luck to everyone in all their endeavors! and know that i love yall and doing well! i cant think of anything just send whatever. i think thats all
Elder Balling

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