Area 2 Week 30-Pensacola, FL

Dear Family,

its been another great week here in Pensacola! and i look forward to the next 6 as well. Both Elder Smith and I are staying here for another transfer. i cant believe its already been 6 weeks since again, every week goes by faster and faster. i am trying to make the most of it but if i don’t try my hardest each day it slips away. but i am loving all of it and love the area, and i continue to learn more each day. my studies are going great, i just hope that all the reading i do is sticking. the old testament is getting really old right now, getting into psalms and its just dragging on, but im going to push through and finish it before my year mark! book of mormon studies continue and im half way through that again. i had to slack on my studies this week to prepare a talk i gave on sunday, so i ready to jump back into it. the area is kinda dead again, we are back down to just a couple investigators and none of them are really progressing. which is about where it was when i got here. we had a couple of weeks where we picked up a lot of investigators, but almost all of them have either dropped us or avoided us or just havent kept appointments for a couple weeks. so we have seen more less active members than investigators this week which is fine, although none of them really seem to be progressing either so i dont know. but as i get to know the area better and the people, its easier to see who really needs our help and is ready to move forward. we can definitely work better on setting solid appointments and making it more likely that they will keep them. thats our problem right now, we arent actually getting in and teaching lessons to investigators, but we are fine with Lessactive members though. Everything else is going great, Elder Smith and i are getting along well and we have fun together. he knows the area really well but i guess thats what happens when youre in an area for 10 months. he’ll be here almost a year next transfer. he is very routine though, in who we see as well, so we see most the same people every week. so hopefully that can improve.
this week we had a lot of appointments fall through so as a result, a lot of biking around. monday we had dinner with Brother Jim Kanupke, a recent convert, and taught about scripture study. tuesday we saw Sister Wilgus, and her house just gets crazier each week. Wednesday we saw Sister Travis and Brother Smith, and talked about conference with each of them. Thursday we meet with Brother Mcgovern and talked about conference with him and watched Elder Bednars talk. latter we had dinner with the Iosefa’s. they are a great family, and he has some great stories about his mission to mexico. Friday we met with brother Mahaffey, and challenged him to watch conference. he told us all about the best way to get high that’s sanctioned by the church as well as how he cant juggle. so he’s a little out of it, but he did come to church yesterday so that was great! we also saw the Morados. Wanda Morado was an investigator but we dropped her after that lesson because she said she was good where she’s at and doesnt need anything more. Brother Morado, he husband, and their daughter Katie are both Less active members and bot are willing to have us come back and learn more. Saturday we had a trade off with Perdido, Elder McEwan and i were here in Pensacola. we did a lot of biking and talking to people outside because it was a beautiful day. we talked to a lot of people but none were interested in us coming back. so we shared a lot about and invited them to check it out. Sunday Sister Nichols and i gave talks in Sacrament meeting, both on Missionary Work. but im not sure how much everyone listened, i saw like 4 people asleep during my talk. maybe im just a boring speaker. church was good though and we had some great sunday school lessons. we saw Micheal that night and restarted teaching him his after baptism lessons. thats about all this week. nothing really to complain about, just room to improve.
Sounds like yall had a great week at home and that theres a lot going on. Happy Birthday Tiffany. good luck with the relay and all that and have a great week! i know where i could send pictures from, but none of the libraries are able to. they all have old computers. besides i havent taken very many pictures. but i will send some when i have time, we are super busy on P-Days. By the way, have yall heard from Conner Hansen? id like to get a hold of him. Stay safe and Keep the Faith! 
Elder Balling

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