Area 2 Week 31-Pensacola, FL Easter week

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on beach

lighthousebeach FL3 companionships

Dear Family!

Its been a great week and end of the Transfer. im already on my 6th transfer so its flying by fast! i look forward to this transfer and working with elder smith for another 6 weeks. we are starting to buckle down and work more effectively and we hope to see some success. nothing much to say this week though. i dont have my old planner with me so i wont be telling you what i did this week because i cant remember. we had a fun Pday last week, played some floorball then went to Brother Jasons for some really good ribs. we did good with less active member lessons this week and it was great to see some of them at church yesterday. but our investigator lessons are still real low, we taught 2 lessons to investigators. and one of them has dropped us since. so we really dont have anyone who is actually investigating, just names of people who qualify as an investigator. but we are working on finding more. nothing real exciting else this week. Easter was fun, and church was great. we had dinner at the Sledge’s house and that was an experience. sounds like everything has been well at home, and that yall had a great week and Easter. i am sending the few pictures i have so hope yall are happy now. i love yall and hope yall have a great week and may the Lord be with you!
Elder Balling

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