Area 2 week 32-Pensacola, FL

Dear Family,

Ive had a really great week! spirits are high and im enjoying missionary life! i love the time that i have to learn the gospel and share it along with my testimony with others. i am learning so much each day and i love reading the scriptures and the knowledge they have in them. although psalms is kicking my but, i am working through the old testament still and the book of mormon is just awesome. ive got my new set of scriptures all marked with scriptures from preach my gospel, and ready to teach from. and im working on being more effective in lesson by useing the scriptures well, specifically the book of mormon. Elder Smith and i are getting along great, and we are working hard. we are working on being exactly obedient to rules, and teaching with unity. its been slow work getting to know my way around the area and i still feel completely lost, so hopefully whenever i can drive that will help. i have also been studying a map of the area to help. i havent met all the members really cause we are rarely at members homes so we might try just meeting all the members, for my sake.
all in all, the work is going good. but our numbers from the week are pretty low.. but we are trying to talk to everyone, but almost all of them are not interested. we try to just introduce people to Family History, but they either say theyve already done it all (which is false) or they arent interested. or we try going strong with the Book of mormon and restoration, but little success there. so we are trying new ways to get people interested and an appointment where we can come back to teach them a lesson. all our investigator work is in finding, because we only have 4 people who are investigators now… none of them are really moving. we have Deryl Williams, Cornelius Huey and his family, Tramaine Parsons and his family, and Kojak and his family. we only taught Tramaine this week, because he is a new investigator, and thats it. we also have done a lot of work with Less-active members again this week, along with teaching the recent converts in the ward. we are seeing success with the less active members so thats good. Brother Smith, a member we have been working with for a long time came to church again yesterday for the 2nd time in many years (the 1st time was last week). this week there were a couple things that happened this week that were cool. we got a call wednesday morning from a member in Iowa whos son Kyle was moving to pensacola and needed help unloading the truck. we met Kyle and his friend Eric at their apartment and got them all unloaded in about 2 hours. Kyle is a member but less active and Eric is not. they were up for us coming over to teach them once they get a little more settled in. Thursday to Friday we had trade-offs with the Zone leaders and i got to serve in Navarre Florida with Elder Frederiksen. it was really fun and that area is super nice! its pretty much all resort beaches and then some neighborhoods inland a little. we were on bikes some of the day, and members came with us as well. it was a good tradeoff. Saturday was the annual Pensacola Stake day of service. this year it was up in Brewton Alabama. everyone drove up there and met at the park, we rode with brother Reisinger. they broke us into groups and we each did different projects through out the city. we worked on clearing some land for a campground and then cleaned up the sides of the streets. at the end we had lunch the drove back. it was fun to see all the missionaries from the zone and 2 of my 3 companions were there, Elder Jackman and Elder Collett, so it was nice to catch up with them. then Sunday was a little bitter sweet. Sister Patricia Bradley, an investigator Elder Smith and i found and referred to the Sisters came to church so that was awesome and exciting. Stake President Curtis was there and during sacrament Bishop Reed, Brother Reisinger, and Brother Boatwright were all released from the bishopric. and Brother Joel Freeman was call as new Bishop and Brother Nichols as his 1st counselor. it was sad because bishop and sister Reed actually live outside the ward boundary so now they will be going to Fox Run ward. i look forward to serving with Bishop Freeman to help this area to grow, and he’ll do a great job. Brother Iosefa sang a solo of ‘Come thou Fount’ which was amazing and had everyone in tears since bishop had just been released. Elder Smith might be getting a little discouraged or unmotivated with being here so long and then us hitting a slump lately, and to top it off the release of Bishop. but i have been great and enjoying it more than ever so hopefully it will help pick him up and we can see some success as we recommit ourselves and work hard!
thats about it, sounds like everything at home is going well. and i hope yall have a good week. one thing i need yall to do is clean up my facebook of any junk or pictures that arent missionary appropriate. there should be a Excel document on my computer with all my passwords, and if its not in there i have a external hard drive in my box i packed up with the same excel document. President Smith mentioned it needed to be clean. i really wouldnt care if yall just deleted it, but first print a list of my friends and copy any pictures you want. i might need new slacks soon, they are starting to get a little tight and short. so like 32X32 or 33X33 if that even exists. other than that i should be good. thanks for everything and i did get those easter packages. i Love yall 
Elder Balling

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