Bayou Blvd. in Pensacola where Ethan lives

Bayou Blvd. in Pensacola where Ethan lives

22 inches of water in 24 hours=severe flooding

We have been checking in with almost 300 missionaries consistently this morning, and I have to say that they all have such a great attitude about this high adventure! They are all safe and inside their apartments. We do have a few apartments in Mobile, Alabama without power, sewer, and water, but they are prepared. I thought I’d post some of the funny response’s I received from missionaries when I asked if they’re doing okay. Perdido Sisters “We have a swimming pool in our back, front and side yard!!! Holler! But don’t worry…as tempting as muddy water is, we won’t go swimming!” Pace Sisters “We went swimming in our apartment, and it was totally legit!! (There apartment was flooded) Foley Elders “This is the craziest storm I’ve ever seen! I have never seen so much water fall from the sky! Our apartment parking lot turned into a mini pool last night. Don’t worry, we didn’t even think of going for a swim!” Brewton Sisters “We are doing fine. We would like some icecream right now…but we’ll manage some how!” Navarre Elders “When you get three tornado warnings that say “take shelter NOW!”, that means you finish your daily planning hiding in the bath tub.” Navarre Sisters “It was pretty crazy watching the pool and parking lot fill with water until they combined to make one big body of water.” Gulf Breeze Elders”Well, a little water won’t kill you, but a lot of water might, but being a missionary keeps us safe!” Pres. & Sis. Smith


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