Area 2 Week 34 Pensalcola, FL Skyping mother’s and zone conference






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Dear Family!

Its been a great week! although we didnt get much teaching done i enjoyed the week! we saw a lot of less active members and taught some good lessons to them. the big thing this week was zone conference which was great! president taught us a lot as well as the zone leaders and assistants. we did some service for sister privett whos house flooded so we moved a bunch of stuff out and helped pack a bunch of boxes. i loved skyping yall yesterday and hearing and seeing everyone. sounds like everything is prospering at home. happy mothers day again mother, I love you. thank you all for everything yall do! something else i could use that would make sending pictures much easier is my little red SD card reader, send that if you can find it. the scripture marking topics i have are
PMG Lesson 1 – Restoration (prophets, apostacy, preisthood)
Lesson 2 – Plan of Salvation
Lesson 3 – Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, etc..)
Lesson 4 – Commandments
Lesson 5 – Laws and ordinances
Missionary work/ Spirit
Book of Mormon/ Bible references & personal revelation
Christlike attributes/ character of Christ
other cool Scriptures
so if you have good scriptures for those that arent in PMG id love them. thats it from me this week! i love yall and wish yall a great week! 
Elder Balling

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