Week 35-Area 2 Pensacola, FL Getting out and around

Dear Family,

How are yall doing? i hope yall have had a great week! its been a really good week here in Pensacola, Florida. the weather has been great and perfect for talking to people outside. i think its been in the 70’s each day. this coming week will be hotter though, high 80’s every day, Yeah! with more people being outside, we have really focused on street contacting as we are going to and from appointments on our bikes. and it has really been great to see how prepared some people are but also how unprepared other are. we were able to find 3 new investigators by just talking to people who were outside. we probably talked to about 15 people a day on the street who are actually willing to stop and talk. others are just rude and push us off and wont even say hi. but its been fun to talk to and meet new people each day and its really helping me have a love for everyone i talk to.
we had a trade off this Tuesday and Wednesday with the perdido elders. i went down to perdido with Elder McEwan who is from bountiful. we worked of finding for them and we biked around a neighbor hood that got hit really hard by the flood. almost every house got flooded or affected somehow. we looked for anyway that we could help, but no one was willing to let us. Thursday we saw a bunch of Less active members. friday most of the day was spend on bikes. we saw Brother Feagin who i guess had just been to the hospital for his heart. we gave him a blessing and he is now really committed to coming back to church. we also taught Steven Boi, who is the Boatwrights old foster child. hes 8 years old and wants to get baptized, his real parents just have to give him permission. Saturday was great, we taught 2 really great lessons to investigators, Tramaine Parsons and Kojak Scott, who both agreed to Baptism and we set a date with Kojak. we found 2 investigators as we were biking, and we also saw brother Stairs and Sister Wilgus. Sister Wilgus’ was a mad house that day, her grandkids were all crazy, one ran away the others were fighting over a broken toy. her 13 year old granddaughter has the worst language i have ever heard. Sunday was Amazing too. it was ward conference, and the stake president was there. president Curtis and Bishop Freeman both spoke. after church we got a call from Brother Palmer in Perdido, asking us to come with him to teach his friend Isaiah Mitchell. we went with and taught the restoration to him. he was really sincere and wants to learn the truth. he committed to read 15 pages of the book of mormon a day and pray about it, and agreed to be baptized once he knows its true. so some really great things are happening and all the hard work over the past 2 and a half months where we almost had no one to teach is finally paying off. i also think that the lord may be setting the area up for the transfer, so itll be fun to see what will happen, we find out next monday.
i look forward to this coming week and teaching all those we taught this week again. my studies are going great, i only have 300 more pages to go in the Old Testament then i can finally start the New testament. i am getting close to finishing the Book of Mormon once again. and ill look forward to the package, Dad i already have that CD by Scott, Grandy sent it to me. we dont have that strict of rules but i definately understand the importance of obedience and if i train it will be something i focus on. i hope yall have a great week as well. sounds like things are great at home. Thanks for all yall do, stay safe and keep the Faith. i love you all
Elder Balling

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