Area 2-Week 36 Pensacola-Transfers and new companion

pensacola sunset

Dear Family,

Its been a pretty good week here in Pensacola. And i will be spending another 6 weeks here again. We got our transfer orders this morning, i will stay in Pensacola and Elder Smith is leaving. My new companion is Elder Blair who sill be District Leader. we are both named Ethan so thats kinda cool i guess. One of the sister missionaries from pensacola is leaving and an Elder and Sister from perdido. So there will be 4 new members of our distict this transfer. Elder Collett will still be in perdido so ill still get to serve with him. Im not sure how happy Elder Smith is about it, hes been here super long but now hes going to the sticks, so he might be a little disapointed. Im glad i get to continue to serve here in pensacola, it will give me a chance to get to know the area really well and work with the members. Elder Smith kinda ruled the companionship with a iron fist and not too keen on changing his pattern of work, unfortunalely. He drove everywhere, he planned everything we did and everything we taught and kinda dominated in the lessons. I dont want to talk bad about him cause i have really enjoyed serving with him, but its been the roughest 3 month yet. It was tough to get us to do something out of the ordinary or routine, and i could tell he did not like it at all. It usually didnt work cause he didnt want to do it and often caused arguments. So ive been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Not that its been bad how we’ve handled the area, because we have definately had success in some areas and both improved as missionaries. Just as a result i really dont know the area or most of the members and its almost like im still new to the area. So thats where im at in a nutshell. Ive got a couple ideas and we have plans to really hunker down and work with the members. We will go into their homes and teach some principles or lessons on missionary work and invite them to find someone they know who would be interested in learning the gospel, and then have them in their homes for a lesson with us. Because we have had a heck of a time finding investigators and they usually drop so we just need a couple solid ones to get things rolling. I am not dissapointed in the last 2 transfers just frustrated that it didnt go as id wished. I will definately do my best with Elder Blair that i can do.

Enough with all my complaining though. We’ve done a lot this week and its been fun. We taught a lot of the less actives we have been working with and brother Feagin and his wife came to church on sunday. It was really great to see him taking the steps he needs to follow the lord. We have been visiting him everyweek since before i got here and he finially came for the 1st time in a really long time. And his wife is somewhat interested in joining in the lessons. We also had a trade off with the Perdido Elders again this week from tuesday to wednesday, this time i was with Elder Collett in Pensacola. We biked around but the people we had planned fell through, so we biked around talking to people on the street for a little. The Zone is now setting goals and keeping track of how many people we talk to on the street, so that has really helped us stop and talk to everyone. Brother Forster came with us to some of the lessons tuesday so that was great, and we saw Brother Smith and Sister Wilgus. Thursday  was pretty crazy! We did our planning for the week in the morning then brother Reisinger came with us for a while. No one seemed to be home which sucked. We got a emergency call from a lady wanting us to give a blessing to her grandson Weston, who had got in a car accident that afternoon, and had been lifeflighted to Sacred Heart hospital. We had brother Reisinger take us there and we were waiting until he got out of the ER to give the blessing. We then ran into his bestfriend who was also waiting for him. They both are working at Vivint selling security systems here, both are recent RMs along with most of the company office. The ER took long and he wasnt it good condition with severe damage to his skull and face. There were 3 RM in the company car when they got rear ended, the two in front were able to pull Weston out and give him a blessing on scene. So we felt that we werent needed (seeing as there were probably 10 Melchezedick priesthood holders) and left our number with his best friend. We actualy just ran into westons grandfather at walmart today and he said he is recovering. So thursday was pretty hecktic. Saturday and sunday we started visiting some members because elder smith wants pictures with them all since he was pretty sure he was leaving. Thats about it this week, church was awesome. I am glad that i am finially through Isaiah in the OT, that was rediculous! But now i have Jeremiah and the rest of it which is just as bad. We are haveing dinner with the Jasons tonight and it should be a good day.

How are yall doing at home? Is school out yet? I hope yall have a fun trip this week end! I dont have much im in need of, im doing great. I would like yall to see if you could get me a new journal that i can start at my year mark. Preferable a nice soft leather, probably 9X7 with like 400 pages. Ive seen some nice missionary type ones that deseret book has i think. Also i bought those slacks a couple weeks ago and my debit card reserves are depleted, and i will need money to send home my onld ones and some other stuff. Also some of the warts that i got froze off before i left have come back, so send some at home wart remover. Thanks for all yall do! I love Everyone, and have a great week!

Elder Balling

“In Florida it doesnt matter how far you go, what matters is where the shade is” – Hal Reisinger 


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