Area 2-Week 38-Pensacola-Getting organized


Dear Family and Friends,

Its been a fun week and has gone by in a flash. the first week with a new companion always seems to go by quick. we have been working hard and doing a ton of biking, so ive been pretty sore and have now got a pretty awesome missionary tan line on my arms and around my neck. its been in the 90’s everyday this week so that’s sucked. im learning the area very quickly now and finally have a small sense of direction. we have been doing a lot of organizing in the apartment, we have updated all of the ward rosters, organized our investigator teaching pool, and pin pointed all the members and investigators on the area map. we have also been working on setting up the member teaching and finding plan that we will be starting. we will go into the members homes, teach about missionary work and help them with theirs, and ask for referrals. so there has been a lot of work gone into setting all these things up. so hopefully this week we will be able to go out and get to work.
Elder Blair and i are getting along great, no arguments or fights so thats good. he is a little different but so have my other companions, maybe im the odd one. we work well together and we are starting to adjust to each others teaching. he is from spanish fork utah, and he has been serving in Troy Alabama for the last 9 months. We actually both came out at the same time, just in different districts in the MTC.
Nothing too exciting this week as far as teaching or new people. we taught a couple of the new investigators from last week. the lessons went well, so hopefully we can meet up with them soon. im starting to really get tired of us not teaching any real progressing investigators, ever since ive been here we have picked people up through our own efforts and they drop fairly soon or they just aren’t keeping our apointments. i cant figure out the problem or solution. so hopefully these member referrals will have more success. we have zone training tomorrow so that will be good. thats about it this week. im doing good and having fun. i hope yall have a great week and stay safe.
Elder Balling
this is the bike i need

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