Area 2 week 39-Pensacola – It’s hot!

Dear Family,

I hope yall have had a great week and are enjoying the summer! its starting to get ridiculously hot here, and we have a week of temperatures above 90 all week. and the summer is just getting started! this last week has been fun and has gone by quick. 
1 Monday, the begining of the week we did rejoice in it being our P-day and thus ended our rejoicing for it did not last long.
2 Tuesday we did make the treck northward unto the Fox Run church building to take part in the training of the Zone. there was much enjoyment and there was much teaching and learning. after training we did return again to city of our assignment, Pensacola. where we did proceed in the tradeoff of companions, according to the direction given by President Smith and Elder Blair’s calling of District Leader. we did trade with the Perdido Elders, I with Elder Decker, and Elder Blair in perdido with Elder Collett. thus Elder Decker and i did begin our short labor together. Brother Forster so graciously provided himself and his very fuel efficient Toyota Prius to help us accomplish the work we had planned for that evening. being devastated because of the lack of teaching we accomplished, and the unkindliness of those we did attempt to preach unto, we did seek upliftment and nourishment from one another. And to our surprise, and much appreciation, Brother Forster did take us unto the one and only Si’s Pizza for supper. where we did stuff our bellys full of delicious new york style pizza. we did then retire from the days labors to preform our studies, which had been moved to the evening due to our zone training.
3 on the morning of Wednesday the 11th, we did arise from our slumber and did preform our studies. upon our preparation to depart and to my confusion, i did find the tire of my bicycle to be deflated, this being of great significance for we had agreed upon traveling by bike to those who were in need of the message of their redeemer, Christ the Lord. inspired and having a knowledge of the area, which elder Decker knew not of, i did conclude in a new plan which did accomplish a greater work, for behold we did possess the mission vehicle that day. and we did travel unto those souls who were lost in the world. and it came to pass that we did teach the gospel unto David Johnson, he having a background of wickedness and thus paying the time, yea even 21 years, in confinement by the state and thus recently released. and it was so that he was desirous to come unto his savior and obey, thus he did seek the truth that we did possess. and it came to pass that as is usual, we did fail to teach more that day. and i did preform the labors of repairing my bicycle that evening, thus making the preparations for the coming day that it would be of use unto me.
4 Thursday we did humble ourselves, Elder Blair and i, to submit to the task of weekly planning. and yea it did take and exceeding amount of time and lo, our behinds did ache from thus time sitting. and we were exceedingly glad to be free of our confinement to the office. and it came to pass that upon the hour of 2:00 we did commence in traveling with Brother Reisinger, to those of which we had planned. and behold he did change our plans and we did travel to those sheep which he has been called to watch over in their homes, thus we do call it home teaching. and again we did travel and yea, to our joy we did meet and did bring a message of love and a call to repentance unto them, for wo they were less active. and it came to pass that we did conclude our service that day with a discusion of the Fathers Plan of Happiness and salvation unto the earnest seeker, Brother Feagin. yea and he did commit himself to attend stake conference the coming Sabbath. and we did rejoice and we were filled. yeah even with shepards pie given unto us by the Prices.
5 Friday did bring many experiences, but behold i am constrained to only share a few. for behold it was Elder Blairs celebration of his 19th year after the day of his birth. and there was many voices of happy birthdays as we did go to our meeting with Brother Freeman. and he did provide lunch and Ice cream. we did meet with Brother Mcgovern who is very much my superior in understanding of the gospel. and we did discus his attempts at the commandment of missionary work, and did provide suggestions. we then did visit the Wilgus clan, which in times past has been a mad, yea exceedingly crazy, house. but behold this day there was peace, for the retched Mindy was thus occupied in the great and spacious Walmart. and we did read the words of Nephi unto sister Wilgus and her grandchildren, and did share the story of his broken bow and faith.
6 Saturday we did find no success in our labors, and we did tire ourselves in our travels on bikes, for behold the Sisters did possess the car. we did then travel again to the Fox run building with Brother Forster, to hear from those of the stake, for behold it was Stake Conference. there were many great talks given and the spirit did pour out upon those in attendance. we did the travel back to our apartment with the former resident and his companion Elder Smith and Edwards, who did spend the night and did eat our food rather than make the long journey back to brewton.
7 Sunday we did again attend Stake Conference, with much the same experience and joy felt. and yea we did have a fathers day lunch with the Nichols family joined by the Kellers and Brother Blanton. and it was a very joyful time. and it came to pass that we did travel by foot to those who we did plan for, for behold Elder Blair did ride over a nail among our travels the previous day. it thus being the sabbath there was no hope in repairing of the tube. we did travel for the space of and hour to reach our investigator Ramond, where we did teach the Restoration and did commit him unto the study of the Book of Mormon. 
8 and thus ends the account of my weeks labors in the blessed location of Pensacola Florida. and i do rejoice exceedingly for the love that i do feel from those at home, and do receive strength yeah even such that i do not know. and i do leave unto you a blessing of safety through out the forthcoming days. my love do i express unto all those who do recieve this message, peace i leave with you, farewell. Elder Balling
sounds like all is well at home and that yall are busy! i love hearing from yall and whats happening i do desire that spencer send me a Chanter with some music and a work book so that i can begin learning the pipes on any down time i have. also send any snare drills or music from the band. i also have been noticing that i might have a cavity on the cement of my permanent retainer that might need fixin. other than that im doing well and i appreciate all that yall do! i love yall!
Elder Balling

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