Area 2 – Week 40 Pensacola, FL Investigator drought and thunderstorms

well there’s a nice big thunderstorm here in Pensacola this morning, lets hope we dont get another flood. its been raining everyday here for most of the week and probably for the rest of the summer too. its been a good week although not much has happened. i dont really have much to say this week so this will be short. to help yall understand, these are some of the problems i see in the area, not complaining because i love the work i am able to do here. this area has been struggling, since before i was here, with finding investigators. even though its a larger city and there are plenty of people, we arent finding success. all our efforts have hardly gone beyond one visit before they dont want us coming back or being dropped. we’re in a deep drought for investigators and less actives willing to return alike, at least from my experience. we literally only taught 1 investigator this week, Walter, and he isnt really committed let alone able (he’s disabled) to progress. none of our small pool of investigators are anywhere close to baptism, most havent been taught a full lesson, and we have a heck of a time contacting and meeting with them. we only see a handful of less actives each week and only 2 or 3 are actually returning. our member teaching and finding plan has been pushed back a couple weeks because none of the members arent accepting/setting appointments with us. and we have yet to figure out what specifically we can do to fix all this, all i have concluded to do is to work as hard as i can at everything we do and endure while hoping it picks up soon. now understand we are seeing small successes but we have yet to see it go beyond a seed planted. enough of that though.
this week we saw sister Wilgus and yet again skylar and Patrick were causing trouble, we did our best to calm Skylar down but Sister Wilgus ended up having to call the police on Patrick, since he was assaulting and throwing stuff at sister Wilgus. the cop ended up just scaring Patrick about being taken to juvenile detention. Patrick is only like 10. Thursday we went to spend time with Weston Cummings, the returned missionary who was in a car wreck about 5 weeks ago. his mom had some arrands to run, so we stayed with him for a couple hours. he had some severe head damage, and so his brain was affected, but he is recovering quickly. he spoke in spanish to us most of the time, because he served his mission somewhere in mexico his brain was switching to spanish. he can walk around fine and everything else is healing well, just recovering the brain damage. we had interviews with President Smith on saturday and that was great. church was good yesterday, although brother McGovern had a seizure while there and Brother Forster, Jim Kanupke and i had to take him home while Elder Blair stayed at church. thats about it this week other than i finally finished the Old testament! that took forever and it was rough at the end with isaiah and Jeremiah and all that. but im glad its over, now i can read the New testament!
sounds like everything is going well at home, and i hope yall have a safe trip! sounds like everyone had fun at bear lake and enjoying the summer. wish Matthew Burton good luck from me. i love yall and hope yall have a great week!

Elder Balling

“when i go fishing, I GO FISHING”


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