Area 2–Week 41-Pensacola, Power of the priesthood

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Dear Family,

its been a great week, but yet again not much has happened. our numbers for the week have picked up a little, but still not where they should be. im doing great and am having a great time doing missionary work, its just been frustrating lately. but I figure I just have to do all I can to serve the lord and that’s all I need to worry about. Elder Blair and I are working well together and working to get the area moving. any ideas and stuff that yall have that you could send would help us to work hard. my studies are going great, im starting to enjoy them again now that im not trying to finish the old testament. im just studying the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel and learning a lot.
as for the week not much to talk about. Tuesday we did have a cool experience. we were out near the bay looking for a less active and when we got to the house there was a guy on the porch named Christopher. we were looking for William Jordan, he said he didn’t live there, but he was in the church as a child and him and his family live there now. he also asked us to give his 4 year old son Trenton a blessing, he was going in for surgery on a severe hernia early the next morning. Trenton was born at 28 weeks which is really premature so its a miracle that hes alive, and it was a  high risk that this surgery could kill him. his father Chris was really stressed about it, so the blessing was really for them both. but we came at the right time, and we don’t usually work in that area we just happened to be that day. Trenton made it through the surgery and is doing well. Friday we had trade offs with the zone leaders and Elder Riddle and I served in Pensacola. we only ended up meeting with sister Wilgus, but we did talk to a ton of people while we were biking. that’s it this week from here.
im looking forward to the coming week, we have a lot of good things planed. we also have more appointments with members so that’s good. the 4th of July should be fun as well, and we’ll be having dinner at Bishop Freeman that night. and hopefully we can talk to a lot of people at any parades and things going on. transfer orders come next Monday, so we’ll see if I stay or go. most likely ill stay.
sounds like yall are doing great and had a fun week! tell Grandpa Happy Birthday from me. be safe and have fun on yalls trip. Spencer’s hair is looking good. ill look forward to the package! yeah just family stories, Helpful scriptures, the Bible videos and Mormon Messages, then Family pictrues music. and then a Chanter with Music and beginners guide. if Mike Postma has made a rudiment worksheet id like that. I also need a new journal that I can start on my year mark, preferably a nice leather missionary one. anything else yall’d like to
send id love. have a great week! thanks for everything! I love yall!
Elder Balling

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