Area 2 week 42-P-cola transfer week

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Dear Family,

We got transfer information this morning and I will be staying here in P-Cola for another 6 weeks. so that will be good! ive enjoyed this last transfer and it went by fast. Elder Blair and I will be staying together so now we can really get to work on this area!

nothing much to talk about this week. we had trade-offs with Perdido on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that was fun. I went down to perdido with Elder Collett and it was just like old times, and we talked mostly about the people we taught back in Atmore. we taught a few more less active members this week than we have been for that last couple weeks and a few investigators, although some of them are looking like they will be dropped because they aren’t progressing. still no one real solid yet. we didn’t do much on the 4th, we did clean the apartment some though. the big thing this week was Jeanette Cummings Baptism on Saturday. she’s been one of the sisters investigators for a while and it was awesome to see her baptized. Bishop Freeman baptized her and we witnessed. sunday was pretty cool too. Jeanette was confirmed and there was a family on vacation visiting. part of the family was deaf and needed someone who could translate, luckily Elder Blair knows ASL and could do that for them. so by chance they chose our ward, and it was definitely a miracle that they were led here.

That’s about all this week. its been fun and busy. thanks for all that yall do! I hope everyone has a great week and a safe trip! sounds like everyone is doing well back at home, and yes it has been extremely hot this week. ill look forward to the Birthday package and let you know if theres anything else I need, but there shouldn’t be. yall are in my prayers and I hope yall have a great week!!

Elder Balling


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