Area 2-Week 45 – Pensacola -becoming more effective


Dear Family and Friends,

Hello from Florida. its been a great week, although things are much the same as last week. its been hard to get things moving here but we are starting to see small amounts of progress. we are still struggling with meeting with our current investigators, but we do have some appointments scheduled for this week. now that we finally have everything organized in the area and a awesome map made, we have really been focusing on finding new investigators. and that’s where we have been able to see a little progress. we are starting to include all the potential and former investigators into our planning as well as visits with members and less actives and investigators. so our daily plans are really starting to become effective. we picked up 2 new investigators this week that are fairly promising. Flora Hackworth is an older lady who lost her husband years ago, and is struggling to get by. and then there’s Jane and Garwood Pebles. Jane is a inactive member and has had a stroke, and her husband is interested in learning more.
no one is really progressing at this point in our investigator pool, but some of the less actives that we have been visiting for a long time are starting to move forward. Sister Travis and her daughter came to church yesterday for the first time since ive been here so that was great. we are just trying to establish us teaching them regularly.
ive been focusing my studies the past couple weeks on the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel. and I am just about finishing both of them. after I finish, ill probably spend a week or so just going through and marking a lot of scriptures for teaching. I then plan on starting the New Testament along with the Book of Mormon again. ill also read Jesus the Christ on the side so that should be fun.
the weather has been ridiculous this week, it has rained everyday and we got caught in a couple down pours.
Elder Blair and I are getting along fine. his singing and theasbianism is a little much sometimes, but I just deal. we both want to work hard so that’s good.
that’s about it from last week. ill hit 11 months this week and ive almost been out a year. crazy. its gone by fast but ive loved it.
I hope yall have a great week back home and be thankful that its not so humid in Utah. everyday when we come in im either soaked from sweat or soaked from rain. im just always wet.
it looks like yall had a fun vacation, and im glad that everything went smoothly. I can see that spence is wearing all my clothes, and is also looking like a tool (vans, vans socks, and tanktop… psh). haha. if you could send that bagpipe music that be good, I think I have enough scriptures to mark for now, thanks.
thanks for all that yall do! I love yall and may the Lord be with you!

Elder Balling

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