Area 2-Week 46 – Pensacola-service

first missionaries in the southDear Family,

its been a good week, but very slow with teaching. we didn’t see any of our investigators, even though we called and stopped by most of them. we did do a lot of service and preparation this week. Monday it rained all evening and the sisters had the car. Tuesday after district meeting we had trade offs. elder collett and I served in Pensacola together. and the whole day pretty much was spend doing service. we helped change the tires on a sisters car, and then later helped the Privetts move their stuff back into their house, they had to move out because of the flood. Wednesday we weren’t able to see anyone, either they weren’t home or didn’t have time. Thursday most the day was spent planning for our upcoming family history events. Friday we helped the Talyor’s move, and packed up most of the truck then Saturday we finished up after lunch. Saturday morning we taught a class on to over 50 people at the Genealogy library. sunday was good but I was really tired from all the moving we had done.
hopefully this week is better! sorry for the short letter, we are short on time for emails. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week! stay strong and keep the faith!

Elder Balling

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