Area 2 – week 47-Pensacola-Family history events

Dear Family,
hey yall, its been an alright week. things are still really slow, slower than the work has ever been on my mission. Elder Blair and I are both pretty frustrated with it, and it is apparent in our work. we’ve slacked off a little and are struggling to pick it back up. its seemed to us that whether we worked hard or not, we got the same results. so we fell into not working as hard, now we must do the work to pick things back up.
this week there were a couple cool things that we did. we had 2 family history events, and also did some service for members. Monday we visited with the Mahaffey’s, and had a good lesson. sister mahaffey even came out for the first time to listen. Tuesday was all spend in preparation for the Family History Booth that evening. after district meeting and everything we got all the supplies we needed and headed down to set up. we were given 1 table so it was a little small but it worked out. we had t-shirts, and banners and all that. there were a ton of people at the event, and we had 35 people sign up to learn more about there were a handful of people that we could really see the spirit of Elijah working with them, so that was cool. they had a ton of stuff going on at the event, and it was fun. Wednesday morning we taught a few people about the website at the family history library. we had them get on the website and we walked them through to get them started. we also went out and saw a few people with brother Freeman. Thursday we did service in the morning for brother and sister Nicholson, doing some yard work. then had our weekly planning and went out to visit people with brother Reisinger. Friday we were going to help one of Brother Bargers neighbors move, but they finished before we got there. we saw a few people then played Floorball with the some members from the ward and their friends. Saturday and Sunday were both good, but no one we tried was home.
im hoping this next week will be better. transfers are coming up next week so I might get moved. so if you are planning on sending anything, send it this week or hold on until after transfers.
sounds like everything is going great back home! thanks for all the support and prayers. I hope everyone has a great week! I love yall!

Elder Balling

“Anytime is a good time to get together to eat” -Donny Kimball
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