Area 3 week 51 -Dothan, Alabama-Hump day


Dear Family,
       its been another great week here in Dothan! we have been pretty busy this week but not as busy as we would like to be. we didn’t get to see as many of our investigators as we would have liked, but we did have some great lessons with those that we did visit. we are also trying to find more investigators, so that we can have a more full schedule. it was a pretty normal week, but it finished strong with a Baptism for one of the sisters investigators and a great fast Sunday. I also hit my 1 year mark on Thursday, which means its all down hill from here.
       Monday we had dinner with the Kriser’s, which was a lot of fun. they are a great family, and Brother Kriser is a great example of living the gospel, and very missionary minded. he is trying to start up a foundation or something called DAM MAD (Do A Miracle, Make A Difference). so of course the whole appointment was full of DAM puns. after dinner we had a visit with Brother Nunez, which went well. Tuesday was my first district meeting here in Dothan and it was really good. there are a lot of experienced missionaries in the district and lots of really great things taught. latter we had dinner with the Sturridge’s who had their family visiting from Jamaica, who are not members. so it was awesome to meet and get to know them all. their family will be in town for about a month, and the Sturridge’s want us to teach them and get them interested in learning about the church. we are having dinner with them again this week, so we will do our best. after dinner we played basketball at the church and we had a good turnout, a couple of nonmembers and members. unfortunately sister Davis’s nose got broke, as everyone was going for a rebound, so that pretty much ended the night.
       Wednesday was great, we started the day by helping Brother Bain do service at the food bank for a couple hours. then had our studies and got ready for interviews with President Smith. interviews were great and I feel so ready after mine to work hard and make this last year count! president didn’t mention any plans he has for me on where ill be serving, but he did mention to Elder T that he’ll probably stay in Dothan until he finishes, and that theres a good chance he’ll be with Elder Hawker till then. so im wondering what will happen next transfer because I doubt we will stay in a Trio. Ill just keep working and wait and see. we had a lesson with Wilmer afterword, we taught about temples and why they are important. his friend was there and wanted to sit in as well, so that was cool. we visited the Forsey’s and then had dinner with the Blunck’s. they are another great couple with a new baby, and great examples of living the gospel and hard work.
       Thursday September 4th, 1 year since I left on my mission. that’s so weird to think that ive been out that long, it really doesn’t feel like it. but as I head into the last year of my mission I have determined that I need to step up my efforts in serving the Lord. he expect 100% and I plan on doing that. its going to take some change, but I want to be the best I can be by the time I finish my mission. its time to step it up and look forward with faith, leaving the past behind. its so easy to just coast through the mission, but at the end of my mission I want to be able to say that I did all I could do to serve the Lord.
       First thing Thursday, Elder Hawker interviewed sister Connie Reyes for her baptism on Saturday. we had a lesson with Barbara, and Brother Smith. then had dinner with the Frickey’s and then Taught Ben and Elaina about Baptism. we also played some more basketball at the church, and about 8 non members came which was awesome!
       Friday most of the day was spend doing Clergy duty at the Hospital, with weekly planning in between. we did have a lesson with Jeff Hughey which was good, he said that he is very impressed with members of the church and is really interested in reading the book of Mormon. other than it was a slow day. Saturday was a great day, but any day is a great day when there is a baptism. the sisters investigator Connie Reyes was baptized and it was a great service. Ben and Elaina came, and it got them excited to get baptized
       Sunday we all fasted for Ben and Elaina, that their adoption papers may go through quickly and that everything will work out with that. a couple of the ward council members also fasted for them, so we are hoping that things will come through quickly. Sunday was good although all of our appointments we had fell through. and that’s about it this week.
       I hope yall are doing great back home, it sounds like things are pretty good. I haven’t got the package yet, although im pretty sure its in the office of the apartments, but that’s been closed for the past 3 days so ill hopefully have it today. thanks for the Ideas, ill definitely try to apply those. and if yall have any other ideas on what I can do to make this last year count, please let me know! thanks for all that yall do and the love that I feel from home! I hope yall have another great week and stay safe. I love yall!
Elder Balling
“God likes 100%” – Quinn KriserIMG_0003[1]IMG_1497[1]

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