Area 3 Week 52 – Dothan, Alabama– Sick Elders

Dear Family,

How are things back home? i hope everything is going great and that yall are enjoying the cooler weather! its still ridiculously hot here everyday with no signs of relief. luckily we have AC which makes it bearable. just kidding its really not that bad, ive become use to it this summer and the heat doesnt really bother me too bad now. Dothan is treating me well, i dont think that i have every eaten so much food on my mission. the members are Awesome, some of the best for sure, and they love feeding the missionaries. we’ve had a full calendar each week this month, which has been nice for us to be fed, but also to get to know the members and help with their missionary efforts. its the biggest ward that ive been in so far, with around 150 people each week. there’s is a solid ward council thats very willing to work with us, and some great missionary efforts by the members. id say we have a pretty solid companionship between the 3 of us, which is great. there are definately a lot of laughs between the three of us, which helps us to have fun while doing the work.
not much to mention this week, its really been an off week for us. monday Elder Hawker was pretty sick and had to rest the rest of the day. as well as tuesday and wednesday. we werent sure what it was but he had to go to the doctors to get some medicine. Elder Tautolo and i also woke up not feeling well on Tuesday but we still all went to district meeting, but Elder Tautolo instructed because Elder Hawker wasnt capable. so tuesday was spent resting for everyone. i was okay, so i did get quite a bit done. some studies, and i also organized the roster and entered everyone into the GPS. Wednesday i was feeling better but i was the only one. so i tried to stay busy but i ran out of stuff to do. i went to our coordination meeting with brother Bain as my companion that evening while they stayed at home sick. Thursday i woke up not feeling good at all, along with Elder Tautolo so we rested most the day. Elder Hawker was feeling a lot better so he was able to get out with a member and the Dothan 1st Elders to go visit some investigators. luckily after resting well, Elder T and i felt better that evening and went to dinner with the Allens before heading to the Stake Priesthood meeting at the church. it was a great meeting with some great talks. Friday all of us were feeling somewhat ourselves, so we had a full day of work, trying to catch up on our lost time. we also had clergy duty at the hospital for most the afternoon. we had a lesson with Ben and Elaina Frickey, their adoption papers are almost back and then they can start planning for their baptism. sounds like they will be going to south florida for the baptism so family can be there, but its still exciting. Saturday we saw Jeff Hughey and had a good visit with him, and sunday we had a good lesson with Jarrett where we taught the Restoration. so it was a good week, and we did our best to get as much as we could done at the end of the week. we are hoping this next week will be really great.
i got yalls package this thursday, and thank you for everything! hopefully i dont annoy my companions with the bagpipes. i am grateful for all that yall do! i Love yall and hope yall have a great week!
Elder Balling
oh and Happy Birthday Bethany and Bryson!!! i hope yalls birthdays were great and a lot of fun! sorry i didnt get yall anything, if you want something from alabama let me know. I Love you both!

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