Area 3 Week 54-Dothan, Alabama…Transfers

Dear Family,

I hope yall are doing great there in Utah and that things are good. the weather is starting to get a little cooler here now, i actually had to put on a sweater for part of one day, so that’s nice. its been a great week here in Dothan and it went by super fast. although i think i got a sinus infection or something near the end of this week because i have been super congested. but on to what yall are waiting for… transfers!
I will be staying in Dothan 2nd ward with Elder Hawker and sadly Elder Tautolo will be leaving us. they changed how they will be doing transfers from now on, so transfers will be on Wednesdays again. we no longer get an email on Monday about transfers, we will be getting a call from our zone leaders telling us to pack our bags and be at the transfer spot. they wont even be telling us where we are going or who we are with until we get to the transfer spot. there is only one transfer spot for the whole mission now, in fort Walton.  so all we know is that Elder T is leaving, but he doesn’t know where he’s going or who his companion is. so its different for sure.
i have definitely enjoyed serving with Elder Tautolo, he has made this transfer awesome, and serving with these two has probably been my most enjoyable transfer and companionship thus far. i will miss him for sure. he is such an example to me of sacrifice, courage and changing for the gospel. he is from Long beach California which is a really ghetto part of Cali. his parents are members but he grew up inactive. he has a large family of 11 kids, and most of them are involved in the gang, Sons of Samoa, that his father is actually very high up in. he has lost a brother from a gang shootout and Elder T actually got shot on the side of his face when he was young. so he grew up in all that and before he got too old he decided to change his life around and head in the right direction. he has experienced a lot of trials and bad things in life but has overcome and is serving his mission faithfully. so i look up to him… literally. he is also wicked good at all sports and has many talents. i will definitely always remember him. and i look forward to this coming transfer and serving with Elder Hawker.
we had a good week with lessons this week, our highest total since ive been here, so that was cool. i haven’t got much time to go into much detail, we have to leave email early to do service. we had some great lessons with Ben and Elaina Frickey, they are continuing to learn quickly. we also had a couple lessons with Wilmer and he is starting to do better. we met a cool lady, Mrs Kenon, while tracting who we had a good visit with and she invited us back to meet with her and her husband so we look forward to that. Friday we spent the day in Slocomb Alabama, its far away and we don’t have the miles to go there very often. so we made a lot of stops at less active that we don’t get to see. we had a good visit with the Johnsons while there. they are great people, and sister Johnson is 101 years old so that was a memorable experience. Saturday there was a baptism for the 1st ward sisters, their investigators Madalyn and Zane Penn, so that was cool. we played volleyball Saturday as well. we also met with Colton Reece again and explained the Book of Mormon. and Sunday was great. we had lunch with the Lewis Family on their dairy farm, and that was great. and we also had an awesome lesson with the Jeff Hughey and his 2 sons. we also saw a number of less active members throughout the week.
im doing great and the work is moving along, nothing to complain about, not even the weather. and it sounds like things are pretty good back home so keep it up.
there are a couple things that i am wondering about. could yall find out how i can get in contact with Conner Hansen? id like to write him. also ive noticed that things are blurry while wearing my glasses so i think i need a new perscription. should i wait till i get home for that? and also on the insurance card i have the date is 2012 so should i have a updated one? also i am going to start a study with notes on Preach my Gospel and would like a new one for that if yall could send one along with a dictionary, some of those words in Jesus the Christ are too confusing.
i think thats about it, thanks yall for everything! i love yall so much! and have a great week!
Elder Balling
“Give God what’s right and not what’s left” – Church of Christ sign

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