Area 3 week 55–Dothan, AL….staying put and keeping busy

Dear Family,

Hello everyone! i hope yall have had a great week back home and that everything is going alright. its been a great week here in Dothan and we have been real busy. and the week has flown by! it was transfer week so we lost almost a full day with travel, and we lost a companion but the Lords work continues. and the week finished with a great General Conference.

we taught a good amount of lessons to some of our investigators. we taught Ben and Elaina Frickey twice, both good lessons and talked about conference a lot. they are excited for conference and they are really enjoying the lessons. we havent heard anything else on the adoption papers.

tuesday and wednesday we didnt really have time to visit anyone. tuesday after district meeting was our district activity for the transfer, we played soccer which was pretty fun. then Elder Tautolo spent the afternoon packing before we headed to cottonwood for dinner with the Reyes’. that was about a 45 minute drive. then we headed back to the church for basket ball, but didnt have time to change to gym clothes so we played in our proselyting clothes. wednesday morning Elder T finished up packing and we left for transfers in Crestview Florida near Fort Walton. it was about a 2 hour drive, maybe more. there we had lunch then gathered in the chapel for the transfer announcements. Elder Tautolo is now in Enterprise Alabama, which is still in the Dothan Zone so we’ll still see him so thats cool. then we traveled back. by the time we got back, did our studies and had dinner, there wasnt much time to visit anyone else so we did some cleaning and organizing.

thursday we got back to work. we did service at the red cross food bank in the morning then went and helped a member move. we met with Colton Reece that afternoon, but he wasnt to interested in haveing a lesson, so we are wondering what will help him. Friday we met with Wilmer, who has been an investigator for a while, and we are still working on helping him quite smoking. he was excited to come to conference on saturday.

Saturday was pretty much all conference. we had our studies and headed to the church to set up and watch conference. i really enjoyed all the session, but i think the first two were my favorites. we had lunch at the church in between sessions. then there was a potluck dinner before the priesthood session, and Wilmer was able to make it to both those. Sunday was a great day. we had a new investigator come to the church before the first session and we showed him around the church, then he watched conference there. his name is Kerry Lawley, he was a referral from a member in Enterprise. she had talked to him when they were at a sams club and he wanted to learn more, so she gave us his number. we called him up and he was super interested and we asked if he would like to come to conference and he agreed right then. so sunday was the first time we had meet him and he is an awesome dude. hes 51, but disabled. he was run over by a drunk drive when he was 42 and was in recovery for about a year. they had to remove like 20% of his brain, so its a miracle that he is still alive. he is a very spiritual man, he feels that god saved his life for a reason. he really enjoyed the conference and we will be meeting him for a lesson on wednesday. i really feel that he has been prepared for the gospel and that he will accept the message. unfortunately he is moving to panama city, but we are not sure when.

so that was my week, lots happened and i only have time to share a little snippet of it. i hope yall have a great week in Utah, and ill enjoy the nice 70 degree weather here. i am growing to love the people here more and more and truly loving serving the Lord.


Elder Balling


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