Area 3 – Week 56- Dothan, Alabama–testimony growing

IMG_0081[1]IMG_0079[1]IMG_0076[1]Dear Family,

Its been a great week here in Dothan! i hope everything is going great back home, it sounds like yall are pretty busy with work, school, sports and all that. know that i love you all and you are in my prayers. i appreciate all that yall have done for me and the support that you give me. it is needed and strengthening.
this week has really flown by as well! looking back, each week seems faster and faster. i have really realized how little time i have to serve the lord… two years is a really short time. and with half of it gone by, i really want to work my hardest and make the time i have left count. i am really loving my mission and now more than ever i am grateful for the opporitunity that i have to serve. i feel that since i have been in Dothan i have seen the most change in myself, and growth in my testimony. and i am so greatful for that. as i look back so far on my mission, unfortunately i do have not had much success, i have regrets and disappointments, and short comings, and i can see how imperfect i am. but as i look back i can also see how far i have come and the progress i have made and small successes that i hope have helped those i have served. but if anything the biggest success i have had on my mission is converting myself i have not been a perfect missionary and im still not one, but the experiences and struggles that i have had on my mission have helped me have a stronger desire to be one, to work hard and try my best. and as i study and learn more about the gospel and Jesus Christ i am coming to a deeper understanding of the Atonement and how to use it in my life, and i my appreciation for all that Christ has done for me grows. i am more and more confident in my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. and as i serve here in the south where there is so much opposition and anti towards the church, where few people are willing to listen let alone be baptized, i am grateful for the truth and the peace and joy it brings. its a testimony to me of the truth as i see so much evil and corruption in the religious society of the south, and the unhappy state that most people are in. again i am grateful for the gospel, and hope i can do all the lord needs me to do so that others may have it as well.
this week was pretty busy! we had some great lessons with the investigators we were able to see, but we did struggle to see all of them. Ben and Elaina Frickey are doing great, we taught them tuesday and Friday. we taught them the Word of wisdom and they learned that super quick, they have really good memories. we also taught them about prayer. we played basketball tuesday at the church although not many people showed. i was on a trade off with Elder May on tuesday in our area, and that was super fun. Wednesday we saw Sister Barbara and Wilmer with brother Hornsby and had really good lessons with them. Thursday we were going to meet with Kerry Lawley but he had to cancel because he was already moving to Panama City. he moved a lot sooner than we had thought, but we did refer him to the Elders there and they got in contact with him. and he was planning on going to church there. so they have a solid investigator now. we also played basketball thursday, this time at the Calvary Baptist Church. so that was fun and Colton Reece and his wife came as well. Friday we did service at the red cross food bank in the morning and volunteer chaplain duty at the hospital that afternoon. we had dinner at the Bain’s and the Frickeys had a campfire in their backyard and we cooked smores. Saturday we had Interviews with President Smith in the Morning and Stake conference that evening. in between those the Enterprise Elders blitzed our area rather than drive all the way back and forth. so Elder Tautolo was back in his old area for a day. conference was great and i got a lot out of it both on saturday and sunday. after sunday conference we went out to visit as many people as we could, we taught wilmer again and we are really working on helping him quit smoking. he has been making little progress but this week we are really pushing him. and thats about it this week.
i am happy and trying to work hard. i hope yall have a great week and stay safe and well.
Elder Balling
“Dont count the days, make the days count” -bilboard sign

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