Area 3, week 57, Dothan, AL–Elder Hawker and the peanut festival

elder hawkerDSC_0070DSC_0076DSC_0079 (1)
Dear Family,

Hello everyone, I hope yall have had a great week and that everything back home is going great! Sounds like yall had a good UEA weekend and that everyone is staying busy. that’s good. Its been a great week here in Dothan and we’ve had some fun experiences.
Monday went by as usual. Tuesday we had zone training, which was pretty good. it was fun to see a lot of the missionaries that I have served around in the past. we were also on a trade off with the 1st ward elders, I served with Elder Beahan in the 1st ward which was fun. we played basketball both Tuesday and Thursday. we had some good lessons with Elaina and Ben as well as Wilmer. we also got to go to the wards fall festival on Saturday, and that was some good ol’ southern fun. they had boiled peanuts, lots of food, and fun and games for the kiddies. church was great. I haven’t got much time today to email, so I wish yall luck. I Love yall and hope everyone has a great week! im doing great and that’s all.
Elder Balling

“Gospel begins with Go” – church sign


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