Area 3 week 58 – Dothan, Alabama– Enjoying Southern Seafood

Hey Family,
I hope that yall have had a great week, and that everyone is happy! I miss yall but not too much. This week has been awesome! I really enjoyed each day, and the week went by super quick. we stayed busy and we had some great lessons with investigators and members. things are good and nothing to complain about. Elder Hawker are getting along great and we have fun together, and I feel we are really getting the hang of teaching together.
Again this week has been great. Monday went by quick, we did some thirft shopping and such. Tuesday we had district meeting, which was good, and the zone leaders were there as well. we also did another trade off with the 1st ward elders. I went with Elder Beahan again, and luckily this time not all of the appointments fell through. we had a great lesson with one of their investigators, Needham. hes 9 and he agreed to be baptized on the 22nd of Nov while we were there. so that was exciting. Wednesday we did some tracting in the morning, and had a lesson with Wilmer that afternoon. Wilmer is doing good, still moving slowly with quiting smoking. we saw him again on Friday and taught him about the Sabbath and committed him to not smoking at all on Sunday’s. we also met with Brother nunez that evening and talked about working through him to reach the Hispanic population in Dothan. so we are looking forward to that. Thursday after weekly planning we had a lesson with Jarrett, he is really enjoying meeting with us and has been reading some from the book of Mormon. we also got everything set up and approved to do a missionary day with him, where he would come with us for a whole day to experience what being a missionary is like. that will be on the 15th. Friday we had a great day. we did more tracting that morning and talked to some awesome people, unfortunately none were interested. then Brother Bain came out with us the see a few people. we had dinner with the Evans, and they took us out to eat at Hunt’s a local Seafood/Southern restaurant. there I ate raw oysters for the first time, and they were pretty good. also fried crab claws, fried oysters, fried catfish, fried shrimp and hushpuppies. Saturday we had a lesson with Ben Frickey, Elaina was gone. and great news, they were officially adopted this week, so we are having them think of a date to get baptized. Sunday was great. and out of the blue, brother bain was released and a new ward mission leader was called, brother Israel Pike. so I look forward to working with him. we met with the Hughey’s latter that evening.
and that’s about it this week, its been a great week and I look forward to this week. hope yall have a happy Halloween!
Elder Balling

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